Z Force Communications

Filename: Mondale, Calvin
S/N: AF 396618
Primary Military Speciality: Communications Engineer
Secondary Military Speciality: Electronic Warfare
Birthplace: New York City, New York
Grade: OR-7 (SSGT.)

Calvin "Jammer" Mondale is a brilliant electronics engineer, graduating with a PHD from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) and becoming a leading communications security designer in Silicon Valley. When corporate life became too tedious, he searched for adventure and eventually joined the S.A.F. (Special Action Force), where threats to international peace and security are both electronic and physical. The deployment, direction and safety of those on the front lines attracted him to the Command Centre communications systems of the Z Force infantry, armor and artillery unit, where he was able to put his talents to good use.

Momitoring and jamming insurgent information systems to impede their response to S.A.F. missions is the glue that brings all the units together. CALVIN 'JAMMER' MONDALE coordinates Q Force beach head assaults, decrypts information for forward air control to S.O.F. (Special Operations Force) teams, assists with system upgrades for Special Weapons Force, and relays Space Force satellite surveillance to Z Force for heavy artillery bombardments.

From Captain "Skip" Campbell's Files: "Subject is a master of improvised signal disruption devices, but won't hesitate to go on the offensive with Long Range Acoustic Devices of his own design."

Jammer is a GI Joe Collectors Club exclusive. A tribute to the classic 1984 Jammer figure.