Code Name: Jammer
Personal Name: Calvin Mondale
Action Force Code Number: Unknown
Primary Military Speciality: Communications Engineer
Secondary Military Speciality: Electronic Warfare
Birthplace: New York

Brilliant electronic engineer. Graduated with PHD from UCLA (Univeristy of California Los Angeles). Became leading computer designer in Silicon Valley. Joined Action Force. Developed the Command Centre communications systems. Very succesful in monitoring and jamming enemy communication.

"Jammer takes delight in constantly disrupting Baron Ironblood's signals."

A repaint of the GI Joe Stalker figure, supplied with the Command Centre.

Jammer originally came with no accessories, but the figure was later released in the US as a convention exclusive with Stalker's accessories.

Jammer was re-released in 2010 as a Joecon exclusive and again in 2016 as a GI Joe Collectors Club exclusive.