GI Joe Rescue Trooper

Filename: Steen, Edwin C.
S/N: 128-03-2496
Primary Military Speciality: Rescue Operations
Secondary Military Speciality: Combat Medic (68W)
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington
Grade: E-5

Standard operating procedure in the military requires that a combat medic or "Whiskey" be placed on every squad on a hazardous mission, and for the GI Joe team – Edwin "Lifeline" Steen is their main rescue and medical specialist. Almost every current GI Joe has been saved by him at one time or another. Though a staunch pacifist himself, modern day insurgents and other unscrupulous enemies such as COBRA do not recognize the red cross designation set forth in the Geneva Convention. Regardless, his commitment to saving lives throws him without fear directly onto the front lines, even under direct fire, to provide medical treatment to fallen soldiers. While his army training requires him to provide cover fire to incapacitate enemies during rescue operations, he prefers to utilize his black belt in Aikido, a Zen martial art with no offensive moves.

As a former Emergency Medical Technician, he feels he is never off duty, and chooses to visit with GI Joe affiliated teams around the globe to cross train and stay on top of the latest life support, treatment triage and evacuation techniques. Years engaged in the team's unusual combat situations have provided him with a unique skill set for dealing with the unorthodox energy and chemical-based weapons created by COBRA's scientists. But, when he finds himself in a race against time to save a fellow GI Joe from a danger he has never encountered before, will Lifeline's training and intuition be enough to save him?

"I never think about becoming a casualty myself, I just save every life I can – without exception!"

Lifeline is a Joecon 2010 exclusive. A tribute to the classic 1984 Medic figure.