Z Force Communications

Filename: Mondale, Calvin
S/N: AF 396618
Primary Military Speciality: Communications Engineer
Secondary Military Speciality: Electronic Warfare
Birthplace: New York City, New York
Grade: OR-7 (SSGT.)

Calvin "Jammer" Mondale is a brilliant electronics engineer. He graduated with a PHD from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) and became a leading computer designer in Silicon Valley. He soon found corporate life too tedious and started searching for more adventure, which led him to the United Kingdom. Upon learning about the S.A.F. (Special Action Force), he joined their Z Force infantry, armor and artillery unit to develop the Command Centre communications systems. Finally able to put his talents to good use, he appears to have found a permanent home in the S.A.F. and has been a staple of the team ever since.

Calvin "Jammer" Mondale has made a very successful career in monitoring and jamming insurgent communication signals. He takes delight in making improvised electronic devices that disrupt their foe's signals. His goal is to make sure the enemy is not able to call for reinforcements and to protect his teammates until their mission is accomplished. When he gets a call from NATALIE POOLE about the resurgence of a familiar enemy, he mounts his Z Force Motorcycle and blazes to the rescue. Does this electronics wizard have enough firepower to stop the RED TORCHES from burning everything to the ground?

"I'll have the bad guys' signals jammed and on the run in no time."

Jammer is a Joecon 2010 exclusive. A tribute to the classic 1984 Jammer figure.