Red Shadows Trooper

Filename: Various
Primary Military Speciality: Infantry
Secondary Military Speciality: Close Quarters Combat
Birthplace: Various

The Red Shadows are an international criminal group bent on chaos and world domination. They are an organisation that, while predominantly active in Europe, Asia and South America, has a history of criminal activities that predates the Cobra organization, possibly coming into existence just after World War II. Led currently by their jackbooted commander the Black Major, they have survived pressure both from the S.A.F. (Special Action Force) and their own internal power plays. The backbone of their group are the Red Shadows Troopers, an army of foot soldiers with an almost fanatical allegiance to their cause. Their blind devotion appears to be brought about by constant, low level exposure to some type of mind-controlling chemical. This chemical is possibly in their uniforms or helmets, as almost all of their operatives appear to remain completely covered from open air at all times. This would explain how their numbers seem to swell even after years of defeats.

The latest contingent of Red Shadows appears to have the same willingness to give their lives for their maniacal leader, serving as infantry foot soldiers and personal chauffeurs (using an old WWII German Staff Car) to transport the Black Major and any captives to their hidden bunker. If they were to align their forces with those of Cobra, would GI Joe and S.A.F. together be able to stop them?

"Devoid of fear or independent thought, the Red Shadows' limitations are not yet known - if there even are any!"

The Red Shadow is a Joecon 2010 exclusive, only available in the Vacation in the Shadows limited edition box set. A tribute to the classic 1983 Red Shadow figure.