Red Shadows Commander

Filename: CLASSIFIED (Alias) Shepherd, John
Primary Military Speciality: Military Strategy
Secondary Military Speciality: Combat-Control
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED
Grade: OF-3 (Major)

The man now known as the Black Major is a former member of the S.A.F. (Special Action Force) and a brilliant military commander and tactician. He was one of their best trained Marine Commandos before being captured by the Red Shadows leader, Baron Ironblood. Sophisticated brainwashing turned him into a dedicated and ruthless follower. He became totally emotionless and carried out the Baron's orders without question - until his leader vanished. The Black Major took the remaining Red Shadows into hiding to rebuild the hierarchy. His goal is to continue their mission of global domination through chaos, destruction and fear.

He has secured the unique chemical matrix that allows for the constant brainwashing of his armies and has been able to manufacture a more potent version in gas form. Using this to grow his army of Red Shadows Troopers, he has combined them with the menace of his Red Torches Flamethrowers into an unstoppable force prepared to do his bidding unquestioningly. His plan is to join with Cobra to make use of their worldwide resources, and eventually take control of them - and the world!

"The Shadows will rise again!"

The Black Major is a Joecon 2010 exclusive, only available in the Vacation in the Shadows limited edition box set. A tribute to the classic 1983 Black Major figure.