Cobra Interrogation Specialist

Primary Military Speciality: Psychological Tactics
Secondary Military Speciality: Chemical Experimentation
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED

The Cobra Interrogator is an enigma and no one knows his past or the true man behind the mask. He has the unique ability to siphon information out of even the most obstinate prisoner simply by talking to him. Unsubstantiated claims are that he uses a voice modulator/synthesizer built into his helmet that works with a trance inducing LED display. His subjects listen to his baritone voice, stare into the flashing lights and spill their most guarded secrets. If there are any prisoners who prove to be resistant to his spell, he would just as gladly use even more extreme chemically or physically induced methods.

It was the Cobra Interrogator who first made contact with the Black Major about the Red Shadows leader's interest in joining with Cobra. However, it was not until he learned about their mind control chemical that he offered to assist him in completing a special task that would grant an audience with Cobra Commander. What are his real plans and ulterior motives that involve the capture of the GI Joe team's Warrant Officer?

"I will break you one way or the other!"

Interrogator is a Joecon 2010 exclusive, only available in the Vacation in the Shadows limited edition box set.