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Red Shadows Pyro-Troopers

Filename: Various
Primary Military Speciality: Flame Weapons
Secondary Military Speciality: Chemical Weapons
Birthplace: Various

The Red Torches are flamethrower troopers that enjoy burning everything to the ground, and seem to relish the thought of anything living being caught in their fiery path. While most modern armies have voluntarily abandoned the use of unstable flame throwers in favor of napalm rocket launchers, the Red Torches appear to be using a new, much more controllable chemical - albeit just as frightening to witness in action. It may be that the additional terror the streams of flaming materials produce is an intentional side effect.

They also disperse a mind-altering chemical mixture to capture prisoners for the Black Major. This unknown neuroxin causes fear, paranoia and hallucinations, but ultimately allows for complete mind control of the subject. It appears to be a fast-acting, and potentially permanent version of the chemical used to produce the devotion-until-demise seen in the Red Shadows army. If Cobra Commander had access to chemicals such as this, would he even need an alliance with the Red Shadows?

"We'll keep burning, and burning, until everything has been incinerated!"

The Red Torch figure is a Joecon 2010 exclusive, only available in the Vacation in the Shadows limited edition box set.