Iron Grenadier
DEMON Driver

Ferrets are the backbone of Destro's armoured assault squadrons. Their battle vehicles, called DEMONs, are expected to spearhead long range machanised attacks to neutralise enemy strong points, as well as to capture and hold landing zones for airborne incursions. Since the design priorities for the DEMON rely on speed, range and offensive firepower, much was sacrificed in the area of crew protection, comfort and safety.

"Ferrtes are chosen and trained based on their doggedly positive attitude. This is a vital attribute for them. When a squadron of DEMONs attack in formation at full throttle, with all weapons systems firing, they are virtually unstoppable! Break-up the formation, slow the pace of the attack or counter-attack from behind, and infantrymen with hand-held rocket-launchers can turn the DEMONs into burning hulks! Their motto should be: "Don't look back!"

Supplied with the DEMON.