Mobile Missile Specialist

Filename: Brown, Eddie
S/N: 677-01-0350
Primary Military Speciality: Ordnance
Secondary Military Speciality: Clerk Typist
Birthplace: Bracknell, Berkshire
Grade: E-4

Fast Draw carries the new FAFNIR ('Fire and Forget' Non-tube launched Infantry Rocket) missile system and wears the necessary protective suit to shield himself from hot exhaust gases. The FAFNIR target acquisition and homing devices are all self-contained in the missile itself allowing the operator to take over immediately after launch. Target lock-on displays are projected on the interior of the helmet face plate as well as threat and malfunction warnings. The missile is extremely fast and resistant to ECM (Electronic Counter Measure) jamming.

"Fast Draw thinks of himself as a wild-west gunfighter. A whole squadron of Cobra Stuns could be rumbling across the landscape at him and he just stands there with a missile rack in each hand and that come-and-get-it look in his eyes. You might call him arrogant but at least he has the firepower to back it up."