8th Anniversary Update

For our 8th Anniversary we held a custom competition and unveiled the Roll Call 2 exclusives!
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Re: 8th Anniversary Update

Postby The Baron » 15 Nov 2012 14:09


Greetings all!

I just wanted to let you know that Blood For The Baron has undergone a complete overhaul in preparation for our 8th anniversary celebrations on the 24th of February. Every single page has been updated and the site now features a universal template. The Home articles have all been redesigned; there is no longer the need to scroll down through lengthy columns of text. New images have been added throughout and we have a fantastic new piece about Battle Action Force comic, entitled Into Action! Written by Ian Wheeler, courtesy of Crikey! fanzine.

The Toys section has had a major overhaul. There are literally hundreds of new pictures for you to enjoy, every archive now features at least one image. I've added lots of new bios, tidied up the A-Z (again, no more scrolling required), moved the Special Weapons section to the front, incorporated the Miscellaneous sections into the relevant archives and best of all, we have a new section for the Convention Exclusives! I strongly urge everyone to check out the Hasbro Miscellaneous archives for the new Euro catalogues submitted by silverc; there are some absolutely fantastic dio photos contained therein. The Comics archive has also been revamped, each gallery viewer now features a superb full-screen button. The Yojoe links have been reinstated to the Battle Action Force, Marvel UK and Devil's Due galleries, there is a new covers archive in the Rising Sun section detailing all future releases, the watermarks have all been removed from the Colouring Project archive and we have a brand new Panini archive, featuring the short-lived Rise of Cobra UK strips.

The BFTB Forum has had a major tidy-up. The older sections have been incorporated into the main areas, the Members Only sections have been reclassified; each section is now clearly defined and all of the grey-area topics have been clarified. Don't forget that we will be launching another Muton World Tour on the anniversary and you have less than two weeks remaining if you would like to enter our spectacular Custom Competition. The site Store has had a major rewrite. Some items have been removed, the Repro Parts have been updated and we have a new Stickers section available. Additionally, the Customs, Dioramas and Fanfic sections have all been updated with the latest forum submissions. Thank you all for your staggeringly creative contributions, do please keep them coming! Finally, the Thanks and Links sections have also had an overhaul. There will be other announcements, updates and activites on the anniversary itself, but they're secret... Thank you all for your wonderful support over the last eight years. BFTB has been a labour of love on my part, and our successes and achievements have surpassed my wildest dreams. I can't wait to see what the next twelve months will bring!

If all that wasn't enough, on March 6th Dave Tree will be hosting the 2nd annual Action Force and Transformers UK convention! Many of you will remember Dave for his Mystery Flash discovery. As well as browsing the many dealer tables, you'll have the opportunity to purchase the absolutely incredible Grand Patriot exclusive - available in both GI Joe Rolling Thunder and Transformers Optimus Prime colours! Special guests include the renowned Marvel UK creators Simon Furman, Geoff Senior, Andy Wildman and John Higgins! Again, there are more surprises yet to be announced... check out All the Cool Stuff and Facebook for full details.

Thanks again and all the best,



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