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Postby jamarmiller » 28 Jan 2010 06:49

Issue #5

Unpublished Issue #5

Okay here is the Cover to the would be issue number five. Now this issue looked awesome and what is even more exciting is Obsidian3D ( who added the GI JOE EXTREME LOGO TO THIS COVER , which was previously never done or seen before ) from is working on finishing this script and making it a online comic. So this is a work in progress, so go bug him to finish it ;)


Here is his advertising / Teaser blurb
G.I.Joe Extreme - #1
Cover by: Frank Teran
Synopsis: Sgt. Savage leads a covert team of Joes to an island in the South Pacific, hoping to learn the fate of the expedition crew and put a stop to Dr. Christie's evil experiments. Can Sarge cope with his own inner demons and lead the team safely on their mission, or will he lose his nerve and succumb to Dr. Christie's powerful manipulations?

Excited! me too God this sounds good and it make issue number five actually reasonable and makes sense . As stated above the previous issue was my least favorites of the two series but this makes that issue actually make sense so I am actually liking it now. Want to know more about the story? I did too, so here is a little more to make you drool and want to bug him to hurry his butt on this project ( I am just kidding with ya Obsidian3D ;), I just know good work when I see it )!

Backstory: Sgt. Savage has recently been trapped in a virtual-reality simulation of World War II Germany, putting him face to face with the IRON Army's nefarious commander, General Blitz! After a narrow escape, the experience leaves him shaken, with long-buried memories now shockingly fresh in his mind.

When Mr. Clancy shows Savage a film recovered from a lost expedition crew on a remote island, more old wounds are opened. The film shows that the crew's disappearance is none other than Dr. Christie; the insane madman responsible for Sgt. Savage's own genetic engineering...performed while he was in the clutches of the IRON Army!

Unpublished Issue #6 BLACK DRAGON ISSUE

In the letters column of GI JOE EXTREME a reader asked about BLACK DRAGON and the writers of the comic said that in issue 6 and 7 he would be explored, Sadly the comic was canceled at issue #4 and issue number 5 and beyond never saw the light of day

However after doing some deep investigative work I just discovered ( in 2008 no less LOL ) the cover to the unpublished issue #6! Featuring Black Dragon!!

I will be definitely coloring this cover in the near future for sure! but for now here is the inked version

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