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Postby jamarmiller » 24 Jul 2009 14:02




Red Scream Part One: Hunted:
Summary:Outside a Refugee Facility, the Joes are preparing to go in, weapons at the ready.

Metalhead warns Lt. Stone not to get too close to the fence, lest the radiation fry him where he stands. Lt. Stone tells him to get them past it, they've got business inside. Eagle Eye (formerly known as Ballsitic) reminds the Lt. that it's meal time inside, "Don'tcha think that people might get hurt?"

"Sure," says the Lt. "I know -- Do you think I care?"

"No more'n I do," says Eagle Eye with a grin. "I was just asking."

Metalhead fixes the bars and Quick Stryke cuts 'em down, letting the Joes inside.

"Let's go. Make it quick -- but don't worry about being quiet," says the Lt.

The Joes proceed to tear into the refugee camp like. There is no sign given that the refugees are anything more sinister than generically-displaced people of generically-foreign descent. Sgt. Savage, for one, guns down a little girl, while Harthingy and Black Dragon destroy several crates of rations. Freight and Mayday (?) wreck the truck-mounted generator powering the camp.

Interalliance tries and fails to stop the Joes, who make their escape rather handily.

Meanwhile, one of Iron Klaw's men interrupts him during his training (which consists of him wrassling a white tiger!). He karate-chops the tiger, winning the fight and turns on his lackey, asking why the man has dared to interrupt him. The lackey stammers out that he's come to tell him about the Joes attacking the refugee camp.

"Hmm? The noble GI Joes, acting as terrorists?" Iron Klaw says. "This may be some ruse of Interalliance or --"

At that moment, the Klaw's perimeter alarms go off. Iron Klaw tells his men to ready the troops. There's a loud scream as a ship flies into the building.

Iron Klaw tells his men that their response time is unacceptably low and orders them to fire on the ship. He orders his Bone-Splinter Armor ASsault to flank and intercept.

"Don't bother, Iron Klaw,' says the image of a woman. "This was only a first skirmish, to see how you responded under attack! You may call me The Red Scream -- and I am not impressed!"

The ship lands and the image disappears. One of Iron Klaw's lackeys asks if he wants the ship disassembled. Iron Klaw yells for everyone to "GET DOWN!" as the ship explodes.

Iron Klaw muses: "A strange new enemy attacks me on the same day my most ardent foes exhibit extremely uncharacteristic behavior? This cannot be coincidence."

He orders his men to clean up the mess and fill the tunnel and chamber accessed for the attack. He also tells them to redirect air traffic and to go to level-one security. His final instruction is for them to not disturb him, as he has much to ponder.

Cut to: The Joes are somewhere vaguely tropical-looking (there's palm trees, I think this is their island base). It's night. Metalhead is hooking up something that looks like a big needle-nosed tank. Sgt. Savage asks if Metalhead has it done yet. Metalhead says no, he's not working on a toaster, he's got to treat this machine like a lady. ( interesting note is Metal head is in his uniform from the deluxe version of the toy with the backwards blue baseball cap)

Metalhead radios Stone and Mayday, telling them he's ready to begin testing. Stone attacks via tank, Mayday by air.

Metalhead blast Mayday out of the sky first with what we come to find out is a sonic laser cannon tank, which converts sound waves into laser beams. The effect is shown on the page by having the last word Metalhead speaks repeat ("Firstfirstfirst" in the case of Mayday; "Nextnextnext" for Stone).

Metalhead takes Stone out next. The tank has passed with flying colors. Eagle-eye thinks that a portable version could make a handy side arm. Harthingy teases Metalhead, saying "If it uses sound, they picked the right mouth to power it." Metalhead tells Harthingy that maybe he'll make him test #3.

Stone is about to release the Joes on leave when Freight asks if there's another test because of an arriving helicopter. Stone says he doesn't think so, but he's not sure what it is. Clancy has showed up with a high powered escort. Only, they're not there for Clancy, they're there to pick up the Joes for assaulting Interalliance Desert Refugee Base. Commander Roston and her men are there to make the arrest.

Stone asks Clancy what's up, he should know that the Joes aren't guilty. Clancy agrees; he doesn't think the Joes are guilty but the Joes' innocence has to be proved legally, in court. He urges the Joes to give themselves up, saying the Interalliance Council cant' possibly find the Joes guilty. Stone reluctantly agrees and tells the Joes to stand down and surrender. The Joes are lead off to an awaiting plane, in handcuffs according to regulations.

At the (presumably) Interalliance prison where the Joes are being held before their trial, the Joes wisecrack as they're being locked up. Quick Stryke protests that he only sleeps outside. Harthingy doesn't want to bunk with Eagle Eye because he snores. Eagle Eye counters that at least he doesn't smell like fish. Metalhead asks how come Mayday gets a cell to herself. "Maybe she snores," says Black Dragon. Sgt. Savage tells the Joes to settle down, but Stone tells him to let them have their fun, that joking is better than fighting to eas the tension. Especially since things'll get grim soon enough.

Meanwhile, a group of people are meeting in a temple that has fallen into disrepair. A scream like the one 'heard' during the attack on Iron Klaw's headquarters is 'heard' again.

Red Scream arrives at the meeting. "You know why you are here!" she tells the assembled crowd. "To prevent your proud countries from becoming the dirt under the feet of Interalliance as their fist tightens around the world!"

She tells the assembled folk that the temple was chosen as a meeting place to remind them of what will happen to their countires should they falter. The assembled say their resolve will not falter! Red Scream tells them to see that it doesn't. Fail her and the Red Scream will be the last thing they ever hear!

We cut to the Joes on trial the next day. The Joes are confident they'll get off, but the verdict (given by the folks who were at the meeting with Red Scream the night before) is that they are guilty of all charges. The Joes protest, Clancy is gobsmacked and Count Von Rani (Iron Klaw's alter ego and a member of Interalliance) asks that it be entered into the record that the verdict was not unanimous. He believes the Joes to be innocent, but after all, majority rules.

Commander Roston is asked to bind the Joes for transport. Lt. Stone whispers to Eagle Eye to tell Freight to throw a tantrum, the Joes are busting out.

Freight goes into a full-tilt blue wobbly and the other Joes use the confusion to get in on the action, They manage to break out of the courthouse and steal the jet that was going to be used to transport them to prison.

Clancy, still behind, thinks that while the Joes are innocent, they may need an ally.

On the jet, the Joes try to figure out where they can go. For the moment, Stone tells Mayday to keep them on an irregular course, to make it harder for Interalliance to track them. Which is the precise moment that a group of Interalliance jets show up. Mayday manages to evade the jets, rather than opening fire on them.

Black Dragon tells Mayday to remind him to kiss her. She tells him to remind her to get a tetnus shot first (I'm liking this girl more and more), then asks again: where are they going? Stone figures they can't go back to the island, then tells Mayday to go Southeast. He's got a destination in mind, it seems.

Clancy meets up with Dr. Johannson (see "From the Ashes"). He tells her he needs to reach "him." The Doctor says she doesn't know where "he" is, ,she hasn't seen "him" in years and she doubts that "he" is still alive.

For those not in the know, the "He" in question is "GI Joe," the only surviving member of the original "Project GI". See "From the Ashes" for more on "Him".

Clancy doesn't. He tells her to spread the word. The Joes have been framed. If "he" is still alive, he'll hear the Joes may need him. "He was never the type to turn his back on his country -- or his friends." Clancy leaves the Doc holding a dog tag, presumably of the type "he" used in "From the Ashes."

The Joes arrive at the factory that Iron Klaw used when he tried to steal the Ferti-gel (See the original GI Joe Extreme Miniseries). No one will look for the Joes here.

Except for Iron Klaw, who is watiing for the Joes. Stone accuses Iron Klaw of framing them, but Iron Klaw laughs at the idea. After words are exchanged it is decided that SKAR and GI JOE would do better if they joined forces.

So SKAR and G.I. Joe Join Forces, and thus ends issue #1.

Next Issue: The Joes begin their desperate search to find the scum who framed them. But even as things look bleak for America's greatest fighting force, rumors surface of a legendary 'Joe who vanished in the year 2000. Has this mysterious lone agent once again emerged from the ashes? And if so, is he the 'Joes last hope?


Okay, so first thing THE RED SCREAM HELL YA THE RED SHADOWS ARE FINALLY BACK!! WOOO HOOO ......LOL okay so now that I got that out of my system..... anybody can probably figure out from the first bit that those aren't the real Joes attacking that refugee camp and that the main focus of the storyline is going to be the Joes trying to prove their not Guilty

The main problem I have is you see this sort of plotline a lot with superhero comics and cartoons and GI JOE IS NOT a super hero comic and was never intended to be.

Now, in some ways, the Joe storyline redeems itself in that it acknowledges the fact that folks are going to have a hard time believing the Joes would suddenly flip out and waste a refugee camp. I mean, when even your enemies don't believe you'd do something, chances are it's a setup. However it was also a nice touch of realism that the Red Scream stacks the deck against them by stacking the jury against the Joes.

Now, the complaints about the storyline to the side, I do like a few things about this issue/story arc.

The Red Scream: I like her because HELL shes a RED SHADOW, and its good to see the RED SHADOWS back even if its ONLY one, but as history has shown us ONE Red Shadow is enough to cause alot of damage!

Mayday: Mayday is my favorite female Joe, hands down. Mayday, out of all the female Joes, seems to be the one female character that actively refuses to be paired off with one of the guys. She's openly contemptuous of her male teammates' attempts to flirt with her and, in the opening miniseries, threw Ballistic/Eagle-Eye for trying to put the moves on her.

The attack on the refugee camp: The savagery of the attack is cool to see; while the panels aren't particularly graphic they do manage to convey the barbarism of the dopple-Joes.

Also Dr. Johannson is back !, she hasn't been forgotten. Again, this was a spot where the story could have been better if it had been stretched out for a few more issues. As it is, GI Joe shows up again in #2 and #3 with no explanation of how he got back.
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I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
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Postby jamarmiller » 26 Aug 2009 14:09

GI Joe Extreme -- Volume 2, Issue #2:
Red Scream Part Two: Shake Hands with Satan:
Originally Written by Straightedge and posted here : ... satan.html and updated by Jamar Miller
G.I.Joe_issue 2_01.jpg

Opening Page: full page panel at Interalliance Weapons Testing. On the building is a three or four story high wanted poster of the nine Joes that reads: "WANTED FOR TREASON." The characters are pictured in the following order:

First row: Lt. Stone, Sgt. Savage, Black Dragon
Second row: Mayday, Quick Stryke, Harpoon
Third row: Metalhead, Freight, Ballistic

Missing are Tall Sally and Short Fuse, who died in the fourth issue of the first miniseries.

"Dudes," says Metalhead. "The head honchos at Interalliance could have picked better pictures of us, dontcha think?" as he and a group of Joes sneak out of the compound.

Metalhead continues on, saying that Interalliance is probably just sore that they not only broke out of their trial but that they also raided 'en for their weapons back.

Stone tells Metalhead to stow it before they're spotted -- which of course means that they're spotted in the next panel when an Interalliance chopper bears down on them.

The Joes scatter, Ballistic fires at the chopper, deliberately missing and scaring the chopper off for the moment. The Joes make it to a hidey-hole that Iron Klaw told them about. Inside, Rampage, Wreckage and Inferno are waiting, somewhat impatiently, for them.

Sgt. Savage yells that it's a trap, but Stone tells him and the other Joes to stand down. These men are their allies.

Iron Klaw steps out of the shadows, admonishing Stone to see that his people remember their alliance. Naturally enough, the various underlings are not pleased by these arrangements. Stone and Iron Klaw sort out the fussing and feuding, sending their respective people off on their various assignments.

Rampage whines, wondering why he and Mayday can't be assigned together, since they're destined to be together.

"In your dreams," says Mayday. "And my nightmares."

"Team assignments are final,' says Stone. He tells the others that they'll rendezvous here at 2400 hours tomorrow.

Iron Klaw thinks: "You give the orders now, Lieutenant -- but our alliance is over the instant we have vanquished Red Scream...or perhaps even earlier."

Meanwhile, at Interalliance's headquarters, a nameless (in this issue at least) commander tells Clancy that there's been a reported sighting of the Joes and that her people are going after them.

Clancy acknowledges the report, but says he can't believe the Joes are guilty. He cautions the Commander to make sure she brings the Joes in alive. The commander says that she'll try, but that in the end it's up to the Joes.

As the Commander leaves, Clancy looks down at a set of dog tags, thinking "I've done all I can to help them. Now it's up to the Joes themselves...and whatever aid he can give them." We're not told who "he" is, but the dog tags are probably a hint.

We join the first team on their mission, already in progress:

Sgt. Savage, Mayday and Inferno are sneaking into some place, we're not told where. Sarge tells the others to be quiet. Inferno says he prefers a less subtle approach. A few sticks of dynamite, a gallon of napalm or two -- noisemakers...

Mayday tells Inferno it'll take subtlety to get a confession out of the tribunal that convicted them.

Sarge tells the others to stop. He's spotted a group of guards talking. Guess who gets to be their ticket in?

The group takes out the guards. Or, rather, Mayday and Sarge take out the guards; Mayday teases Inferno for standing aside while she and Sarge do all the work. Inferno sulks that he's the brains of the outfit, as Mayday and Sarge get dressed.

Inside the building, Premiere Standak turns as "Red Scream" enters the room. She's come to make sure that Standak and the others on the tribunal do not betray her.

Inferno and Sarge whisper to each other as Mayday/Red Scream goes into her act. Sarge is worried about the costume fooling Standak, since they only know what it looks like thanks to Iron Klaw's description. Inferno, on the other hand, is more worried about the way that Mayday is chewing up the scenery.

Standak swears to Mayday/Red Scream that he is still her ally in the effort to throw off the chains of Interalliance. He's about to say more when the window he was standing in front of shatters and the real Red Scream walks in. A firefight ensues, during which Standak is shot. The fight becomes a literal firefight when Inferno proceeds to bring the house down with his flamethrower.

Standak manages to choke out a deathbed clue "Doppelganger,' and then dies conveniently.

The Joes escape.

Second Team: Metalhead, Harpoon, Ballistic and Rampage arrive at the refugee camp that the Joes supposedly trashed. No, not just trashed, trashed big-time. Harpoon doubts that they can find many clues here. Ballistic agrees, whoever really totaled the place didn't leave much to search.

Rampage taunts the Joes for playing martyrs: "Why not just admit you got tired of walking the straight and narrow? My way is more fun -- and it pays better."

Harpoon threatens Rampage, but Ballistic breaks it up as Metalhead picks up a signal coming from -- Rampage?

As it turns out, Rampage has managed to pull a fast one on the Joes and Iron Klaw. The signal is emanating from him; it's a homing device designed to lead Interalliance to him...and the Joes.

An Interalliance group, apparently led by the commander we saw earlier, shows up, leveling guns at the Joes. The commander says she's glad to see Rampage kept his word. Rampage counters that his word is always good -- so long as he can turn a profit by it.

Rampage is planning on turning the Joes in for the price on their heads; he figures that as long as Iron Klaw doesn't find out, he's ahead all around.

Harpoon protests that if the commander looks them up, the real creeps will get away with it. As the commander takes Harpoon's weapon, Metalhead sets his guitar-weapon to feedback, shorting out the Interalliance's weapons and allowing the Joes time to escape.

The Joes take their weapons back as Rampage protests their escape. After all, he promised Interalliance a captive. The Joes turn on Rampage, blasting him. If he promised Interalliance a captive, he can be the captive. They turn to leave him behind.

Rampage, being a weasel of the first water, begs the Joes not to leave him behind. The Joes turn around and start bargaining with Rampage. They agree to take him with them for double the price he'd have gotten for them, a piece. Whimpering over the loss of money, Rampage agrees.

The Joes and Rampage leave, not having discovered what "Doppelganger" means -- but hey, with the money they swindled from Rampage, they can hire someone to find out.

Team Three: Outside of Project: Mainframe, Black Dragon, Quick Stryke, Freight and Wreckage are preparing to break into the compound. They're hoping to find out what "Doppelganger" might mean, since it could be a computer code.

Quick Stryke is grumbling about this. Black Dragon says "Ours is not to reason why, Quick Stryke, Ours is but to do or --"

"Don't say it!" Quick Stryke says.

Wreckage is not keen on the number of military guards, as the military made him what he is. (And he's not talking in an "Army of One" kind of way -- or rather, he *is* but not in a good way).

There are too many guards for them to go in via a frontal assault. So, instead, they go in via a pipeline. Quick Stryke mentions that the manhole is sure to be wired. Freight says he can blow an opening into the pipe, but Wreckage says no, his way will be more accurate and draw less attention. "His way" consists of him using a finger-laser to slice a hole in the pipe.

Black Dragon goes in first, only to discover that it's not a water pipe...

Meanwhile, also outside Project: Mainframe: Stone and Iron Klaw are waiting. Stone isn't happy about using his men as a diversion. Iron Klaw tells him that he's too emotional; that history teaches us that soldiers are nothing but chessmen, pawns in a larger game. (Y'know, I'll bet that's in the SKAR Christmas card too.)

Stone counters by saying: "The best leader I ever had taught me that your men are your allies -- your brothers in combat. You value their lives as you would value your own."

Iron Klaw asks what happened to this leader.

Stone says that he disappeared on a mission, years ago. Stone is sure that this leader is dead.

Iron Klaw says :"You see? You regard him a king, but to his superiors, he was just another pawn."

Back in the pipes, Black Dragon and crew reach their destination. Or at least what they think is their destination, since they're still in the pipe. Wreckage cuts them a second opening. Black Dragon leaves the pipe and says to Wreckage: "Do me a favor, you ever want something from me, just ask okay? Don't point!"

Quick Stryke bemoans his befouled state and Freight teases him about his smell. Wreckage watches with some bemusement: "The way you men banter -- joke amongst's not like the way Iron Klaw's troops treat each other."

Freight says that he guesses that's just one of the differences between the Joes and SKAR.

The group arrives at their destination. There are two guards. Again, a frontal assault would be useless; raising the alarm before th Joes could do anything. So, Black Dragon sneaks around the guards and knocks them out. He sprays one guard in the face with a sleeping gas of his own invention. The other guard he just clocks.

Freight blows the door in question, causing a group of Interalliance guards to come streaming out after them. They apparently weren't supposed to get into the mainframe. Instead, they are the distraction.

Stone and Iron Klaw take the alarms from inside the compound as their cue to go in. No one will notice a few more alarms in the chaos, they figure. This way they're hiding a tree within a forest. Clever plan, actually...

Stone and Iron Klaw break into the mainframe room and Iron Klaw nearly wets himself thinking about what all naughtiness he could get into with the information contained therein. Stone tells him to back off, they're there for information on Doppelganger and that's it. He tells Iron Klaw that he'd turn them both in to keep Iron Klaw away from the other information.

An Interalliance officer tells his men to occupy the area and secure the mainframe. Iron Klaw prepares to do battle with the Interalliance folks; Stone on the other hand says he won't shed innocent blood.

Luckily, Mr. Clancy shows up and shoos the guards off. He then tells the Lieutenant to hurry along.

"Clancy?" Stone says, gobsmacked by the man's presence.

"Not quite...Sgt. Stone,' says the man, pulling off his rubber Clancy mask and holding up a set of dog tags. Those of us who've read "From the Ashes," this nameless stranger will be immediately recognizable as "GI Joe" the last surviving member of Project: GI.

Stone flips; it's his old officer. Iron Klaw tells Stone to get his mind back on the mission.

Stone agrees, their mission is almost over. Except that the data they came to retrieve has suddenly been erased by what seems to be a system failure. Stone and Iron Klaw realize that the Red Scream has thwarted them. Iron Klaw suggests they leave before they too are 'erased.'

Cut to: some girl we haven't met this issue but who is most likely the real Red Scream since she has part of her outfit hanging on the wall next to her, is sitting back and gloating after her close call erasing the Doppelganger data. "If the GI Joes want so badly to know what Doppelganger was about...they'll have a fine opportunity to see its results!"

The Joes arrive back at their hideout; using various bird-themed code signs to check in (Hawk, Phoenix, Eagle and Condor). As they enter their headquarters, Stone gripes "One step forward, two steps back! This Red Scream character has seen us coming every time...we're gonna have to put our heads together and --"

"Uh, Lieutenant?" Mayday interrupts. '...I think they'll be willing to do that for us!"

"They" is a group of, well, copies of the Joes. Evil copies (you can tell they're evil copies because their eyes have are just solid white).

Next Mission: Lt. Stone has come close to deciphering the "doppelganger" code, but he hasn't cleared his team's name yet. One thing's for sure, the 'Joes haven't seen many days like this! They must fight alongside their hated enemy, face evil versions of themselves, and to top it all off, the person who framed them may be someone they believed to be an ally.


On the whole, I liked this issue.

Rampage's attempted betrayal of the Joes was a nice twist. And I like how the Joes squished the attempt. Hah-hah Rampage.

Now what can I say about Red Scream other than RED SHADOW ROCK!. This being the bridge issue and all. Good look at both the Joes and SKAR forces though. I like it over all.
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I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
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Postby jamarmiller » 26 Aug 2009 14:12

Issue #3

Review Can be originally found here ... sland.html

---------------courtesy of the Freighter-----------

GI Joe Extreme Volume 2, #3:
Red Scream: Island Assault
Summary: Picking up from issue 2, the Joes find themselves faced with their doubles (evil doubles even!). The fight starts, naturally. Wreckage moves to assist the Joes, but Iron Klaw holds him back. Wreckage protests, saying that Iron Klaw gave his word to help the Joes. Iron Klaw agrees, but says he withdraws his word effective immediately. Let the Joes and thier doubles fight it out, then Iron Klaw and SKAR can take out Red Scream (leaving themselves in position to take over the world, o'course). Inferno and Rampage see no problem with abandoning the Joes to their fate. The others leave, but Wreckage looks back, reluctant to go.
The Joes face off against their doubles, with no real success. Stone realizes that if the Joes stay matched against their duplicates, their fights could easily take hours since each pair is too well matched against one another. Which will keep the Joes in place for an easy pickup by Interalliance.
Stone yells for the Joes to change partners. Once the Joes stop fighting their duplicates, the fight quickly goes their way and the Joes mop the floor with their duplicates.
Stone praises the Joes for their skills, but their job isn't done. Mayday protests, saying they've got proof they were framed. Stone says it's not enough, Red Scream's only used this as a distraction while she's implementing her real scheme. Not to mention, Iron Klaw is still in the game, despite the fact he bugged out. The Joes leave before the incoming Interalliance folks can arrive.
Interalliance arrives and finds the duplicates tied up. They radio Roston, and ask if she knows where the Joes went. She says no and tells them to return to base for further orders. Roston heads over and pulls out her Red Scream uniform and prepares to meet up with the Joes again. Only, not as the person they're expecting. Bwah!
The Joes are trying to find Iron Klaw. They're using the traces Iron Klaw planted on their jets to back trace him. Iron Klaw is heading for "Joe Island."
Stone figures that Red Scream's scheme from Square One was to cut the Joes off from the Island.
At Joe Island, Iron Klaw figures that Red SCream's troops will take out the Joes, letting him have the chance to take out her. He sics Inferno on Red Scream as the Joes parachute onto the Island.
Red Scream offers Rampage a team-up. "I like you," says Rampage. "Too bad my heart belongs to Mayday."
Two Joes' parachute lines get cut by incoming fire. Wreckage takes out one of Red Scream's people. "No! We called a truce with the GI Joes!"
Iron Klaw: ""Wreckage's sense of ethics is inconvenient, but I must agree -- one thing at a time!" He shoots another of Red Scream's goons. The Joes hit the ground and drop some smoke from the plane. Freight, fighting alongside Wreckage, says "Why don't you make up your mind which side you're on Wreckage?" Wreckage retorts: "Until the last shot is fired in this Battle, we're allies!"
Red Scream's got a lot of troops on her side, but she seems to have gone for quantity, rather than quality (or so the Joes observe).
Red Scream charges off for the sonic cannon, apparently her objective the whole time or at least part of it. Stone orders the Joes to stop her, while Iron Klaw heads off to try and get teh tank for himself. Red Scream gets there first, and powers up the tank.
Metalhead yells for the others to duck as inside the tank something is wrong. Really wrong. The cannon implodes. Can't get much wronger than that, now can you? The Joes learn that Red Scream was Roston, which explains why she could access their files.
But why did the tank implode? 'Cause GI Joe rigged it to blow! WOW! I guess Deus Ex Machina was too long a code name...
Stone and Joe shake hands. Stone asks him to stay, to help teach the Joes, but Joe figures Stone is all the teacher the Joes need.
Freight and Harpoon watch the SKAR boys leave.
"Too bad you couldn't stop Wreckage and his pals, eh Freight?" Harpoon says.
"Wreckage ain't bad like the others," Freight says. "He belongs with us, not behind bars!"
Iron Klaw, on the other hand, does end up behind bars. "Is this the treatment an ally receives at your hands, Stone?"
"You're the one who broke our deal! You keep your word or you pay the price, Iron Klaw...the man I respect most in the world taught me that!"
And with that, the story comes to a just and honorable, END.
Next Mission: "As a training exercise, the GI Joes' crusty living legend, Sgt. Savage, enters the virtual-reality world of battle-torn World War II Germany. But when the program goes haywire, Savage isn't sure if he's experiencing VR or the real thing! And, the only way back to his reality is through an entire army of very real Nazi Soldiers!"


It was good to see the RED SHADOWS again and DONT COUNT THE RED SCREAM OUT, in the back of the letter colum it said that like Iron Klaw her being dead was NOT a certainity! So shes alive still!

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