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The Baron
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World Enemy No. 1
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Status update

Postby The Baron » 28 Nov 2012 02:25

Just to keep you all in the loop.
The Baron wrote:Hi,

Jim from here. I've stopped receiving invites to the GI Joe Q&A sessions, have I caused offence? I do hope not!

Please could we join in again? My forum members and I really enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity.

All the best,

Hunter PR wrote:Hey, Jim. Q&As have been on hiatus so far this year. You're good!
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Lethargic Dynamism
Lethargic Dynamism
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Re: Status update

Postby Thundershot » 28 Nov 2012 09:25

Probably (on hiatus) for fear of bieng asked too many embarrassing questions about the movies delay?
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