Red Shadow 2010 - Joecon Exclusive figure

The annual US GI Joe convention! Vacation in the Shadows!
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Re: Red Shadow 2010 - Joecon Exclusive figure

Postby Shogi » 15 May 2010 17:46

Squad Leader wrote:a simple fix for the waist alignment is to hold the legs then turn the torso completely round 5-8 times then let go, exorcist style ;-)
after that you will have no problem aligning the waist, i think the o-rings just need a little breaking in where they are new!

as for the loose shoulder's, disassemble the torso then put a little lacquer or clear nail varnish on the shoulder joint that goes inside the torso and hay presto job done! ;-)


Yeah I think you're right, I started replacing the O-Rings in the rest of my figures today and noticed that if I do like you said (instead of taking the figures completely apart like I did with the first one) they lined up fairly well

As for shoulders, none of mine were loose, but a few of the arms had loose bicep swivels
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Re: Red Shadow 2010 - Joecon Exclusive figure

Postby Thundershot » 15 May 2010 17:51

Squad Leader wrote:, disassemble
:muton: " :shock: No Disassemble Stephanie!!! :shock: "
More news, as its made, from new Action Force!

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