Project Feedback a complete success!

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Project Feedback a complete success!

Postby Rockhammer » 27 Aug 2004 01:54

The Feedback Report was officially submitted to Hasbro on August 9th, 2004. It was accepted by Derryl D. DePriest, and is being reviewed by Hasbro.

The Project Feedback team has also published the report on line at:

This online version does not include the e-mail addresses submitted by participants nor any other personal information. The one entry submitted through the USPS is also not reproduced in this on-line version (due to the e-mail of the participant being present in the scans).
Regradless of these exclusions, the file is very large, and may take up to a minute to load in your browser. Please be patient.

We wish to thank all participants. This hugely successful endeavor would not have been possible without you.

Project Feedback Coordinator

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