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Hasbro Q&A Results

Posted: 27 Oct 2009 19:43
by The Baron
Hasbro's GI Joe Q&A Round Two 2008

1) Action Force and Red Shadow customs are proving to be ever popular, even though the toyline was cancelled 23 years ago. Red Laser has been voted into the final 3 for Hasbro's 25th anniversary custom figure contest. Given the extraordinary longevity of the concept, and the diehard devotion of the fanbase, why have there been no new Red Shadow designs created?

We are looking into bringing together the Joe Universe and finding a home for the Red Shadow…we agree that there are a ton of cool concepts from our international lines.

2) DDP's Rise of the Red Shadows had a very mixed reaction. While it was generally disliked by the GI Joe fanbase, it did increase people's interest in the range - BFTB's hit counter went from averaging 200-300 hits per month to over a thousand. In Europe the new Red Shadows were generally regarded as pale imitations. Is it fair to say the comic would have been more successful had the original character designs been used?

This is really a question that DDP can address; we can't speculate on what could have made a comic more successful.

3) Last year BFTB ran a "Save the Red Shadows" petition. DDP very graciously listened to our pleas for Wilder Vaughn to be retconned as an older Black Major, as evidenced by his uniform in America's Elite #34. Was the decision to reinvent the Red Shadows a direct result of reading the online comics at BFTB?

Our friends at DDP would have to answer this, but on the toy side, we understand that you want to bring the Red Shadows back and are looking into it.

4) Are there any plans to release the Devil's Due version Red Shadows as toys? They too have been widely embraced by GI Joe customisers.

There are no plans for this right now, but thanks for the idea.

5) The BFTB community has been hard at work recolouring the B&W Battle Action Force comic strips for over a year now. The project has proven to be extremely popular, resulting in a non-profit Collected Edition book. Is there any likelihood of these classic stories being officially reprinted, possibly as a comic and figure 3-pack?

There is currently no plan for this as it is really a niche group of folks who are interested and does not have mass appeal that would sell in the mainline product. We appreciate the passion from the folks at BFTB.

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Posted: 27 Oct 2009 19:50
by The Baron
Hasbro's GI Joe Q&A Round Three 2008

1) Given that the Crimson Guards first appeared in the 1985 GI Joe wave of toys, were these red uniformed enemy figures inspired, at least in part, by the success of the similarly outfitted Red Shadow toys that were such a huge hit with kids in Europe pre-1985?

It is hard to say for sure…but the Red Shadow influence in the US was high.

2) With the International logo being present on Ninja-Ku and Glenda, are there plans to do more releases based on international characters? If so, why were the South American characters chosen first when the European Action Force characters have a larger and more active fan base?

No plans for any more international tribute figures in 2008.

3) Is there any chance that variants could be made of the Ninja Ku and Pilot Scarlett to more accurately reflect the original characters, please? For example Ninja Ku was renamed as Storm Shadow and had white skin, rather than the original darker tone, and the upcoming Pilot Scarlett (Glenda inspired repaint) has red hair not blonde.

There are no plans for this right now. These are meant to be tribute figures which can also appeal to the greater masses of fans of GI Joe.

4) There seems to be some confusion as to how GI Joe became involved with the international ranges. If more international heroes are revamped and released in the future, please would you consider adding a very brief explanation on the cardbacks as to which companies produced those figures before being bought-out by Hasbro?

Great suggestion. We can look into this.

5) And if you were to release any 25th anniversary Action Force figures, please could we have characters other than the nine original GI Joe repaints? * Rather than giving us a new set of these, please would you consider casting other Action Force characters instead? We would love to have a fully poseable Baron Ironblood and Black Major!

There are no plans for this right now, but thanks for the feedback.

* Gaucho (Gung-Ho), Jammer (Stalker), Quarrel (Scarlett), Steeler (Steeler), Stalker (Snake Eyes), Blades (Tripwire), Hunter (Cobra Officer), Red Jackal (Destro) and Red Laser (Cobra Commander)

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Posted: 27 Oct 2009 19:59
by The Baron
Hasbro's GI Joe Q&A Round Four 2008

A note from the Hasbro G.I. Joe Team: Thank you for your incredible support over the past year. What started as just a handful of figures in 2007 now includes a full line of figures, vehicles, comic packs, DVD packs, Mighty Muggs, and Combat Heroes. Yo Joe! We would like to take this opportunity to answer one of the most common questions about the classic 3 3/4"" figures we have heard from the fans: Will there be any more classic 1980's 3 3/4"" figures after fall 2008? The Hasbro G.I. Joe Team's response: In late 2008 you will see a bonus wave of single figures and classic comic packs that are redecos of figures from the 25th Anniversary collection. Due to the huge success of the G.I. Joe line, we were able to squeeze in a number additional figures into the end of this year. But this does not mean the end of classic figures or new tooling! As we head into 2009 prior to the August 2009 live-action movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, you will see newly tooled classic vehicles, newly tooled versions of your favorite characters from G.I. Joe Resolute, and a number of favorites you have been waiting for: Dr. Mindbender, Alpine, Tunnel Rat, Alley Viper, Recondo, Outback, Night Creeper, Zap, Shockwave, and even more! With the release of the 2009 movie you will see many of your favorite 1980's characters in movie styling, but that does not mean the end of the classic style. The Hasbro G.I. Joe Team recognizes that there are plenty of additional classic 1980's figures and vehicles to release in the future after the movie and in the years to come.

1) Hi, thank you for once again inviting our questions. Many of the members of the BFTB forum are curious about producing a range of Red Shadow style figures, and are wondering whether or not the licence has lapsed. There has been speculation that the Devil's Due Red Shadows may not have been redesigned simply as artistic licence, but that because to have done them faithfully would in fact have been a violation of copyright. Is this the case?

The rules with copyright is that we must continually use a name in order to keep the mark. We no long hold the mark for the Red Shadow.

2) After Hasbro bought out the British company Palitoy, many GI Joes were released in Britain and Europe as Action Force characters. We understand that these particular characters remain the property of Hasbro Inc. However, do Hasbro own the copyrights to the earliest Action Force characters, the ones created solely by Palitoy which were never Hasbro products and were therefore nothing to do with GI Joe? In short, does Hasbro own the Palitoy Action Force teams Z Force, SAS Force, Q Force, Space Force and the Red Shadows?

Yes, Hasbro owns any releases of GI Joe under Action Force. Many of the names used originally are no longer trademarked.

3) Would Action Force fans be within their rights to produce (from their own moulds and in limited quantities) figures based on the original Palitoy characters, for the specific small-market of loyal Action Force collectors located in the UK? Please note, such a small market couldn't possibly harm GI Joe, especially considering that not all GI Joe lines are made available in the UK to begin with. With Hasbro now mainly focusing on the 25th range, would it be possible for an independant company to licence early GI Joe moulds and re-issue them to the European market as Action Force and the Enemy? If so, who would they contact?

Fans who want to produce figures and sell them on a mass basis (not a single custom figure) should talk to Hasbro directly about the opportunity. Due to trademark rights, fans cannot produce and sell their own figures

4) On the other hand, if Hasbro are still in possession of the Action Force copyrights, would you be interested in creating a new range of 25th Anniversary Action Force designs for the European market? It would be a relatively simple task to create articulated figures of the original straight-legged characters using existing GI Joe moulds, the entire range could be recreated with a few simple colour variations, vehicles included. Would you be interested in seeing some prospective designs from our customs team?

Hasbro believes that G.I. Joe as a brand will be able to succeed across the world due to the G.I. Joe movie.

5) What are the chances of seeing an online exclusive pack of repaints done in the original Action Force style? Some of the original US versions of these characters have already had 25th anniversary remoulds (Quarrel, Blades, Red Laser, Gaucho, etc.). It would be especially appropiate now with the 25th anniversary of the Battle Action Force comic upon us. Thank you for your time, we appreciate this opportunity and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Right now there is no plan for this.

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Posted: 27 Oct 2009 20:04
by The Baron
Hasbro's GI Joe Q&A Round Five 2008

Questions lost in forum crash.

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Posted: 27 Oct 2009 20:05
by The Baron
Hasbro's GI Joe Q&A Round One 2009

Missed submission deadline.

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Posted: 27 Oct 2009 20:08
by The Baron
Hasbro's GI Joe Q&A Round Two 2009

1) We have seen several times now the green and black Quarrel (UK Action Force) inspired repaint of Scarlett (not the blue and silver Pilot Scarlett) figure. The GI Joe resolute comic pack Arctic Scarlett vs Cobra Commander shows her on it. When is this due to be released?

The Arctic Scarlett vs Cobra Commander set did not make it to production due to timing issues and getting it out before movie. We are looking at other uses for the tools and comic down the line.

2) Some of the pre-release imagery for the Resolute Destro figure show him with a robotic arm. Is this a nod towards the Action Force variant of Destro v1 known as Red Jackal? According to his original bio he has a bionic head and hands, with electronic volt facility that makes even handshaking deadly.

Sorry to say that as far as we know it was not a nod to Action Force.

3) Is Sgt. Stone from the forthcoming Rise of Cobra movie a British character like Lt Stone from Sigma Six or is he an American like Lt. Stone from GI Joe Extreme?

Sgt. Stone is an American. We like the name and tie into the lore, so we provided him as an option to the studio for a special role.

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Posted: 27 Oct 2009 20:10
by The Baron
Hasbro's GI Joe Q&A Round Three 2009

Missed submission deadline.

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Posted: 27 Oct 2009 20:15
by The Baron
Hasbro's GI Joe Q&A Round Four 2009

1) We at BFTB were overjoyed to see the 2009 Kansas convention SAF Hawk & Blades tribute toy and comic set. Are there any plans to expand this range?

Unfortunately, there are no plans at this time.

2) We are planning the first GI Joe UK convention for 2010. Would you be interested in producing an exclusive figure or boxset for the event?

Awesome! While we would love to support each covention with product, we cannot do this and still focus on the mainstream line. Please let us know the dates of the convention and we will try and help you where possible.

3) If it's not too much bother, please could you specify which Action Force character rights you own (if not all of them, that is)? We are cautious about overstepping any legal boundaries in regards to fanfic or other fan-projects.

We appreciate your concern for the intellectual property rights involved. We would have to check with our legal department to give you a definitive answer.

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Posted: 17 Nov 2009 20:52
by The Baron
Hasbro's GI Joe Q&A Round Five 2009

1) For September 2010 we plan to host the first ever UK GI Joe convention. Do you have any suggestions or advice, please? We would greatly value any input you could provide.

There is also a Transformers convention in the UK called Autobot Assembly. We would suggest trying to get in contact with the organizers of this event. They have been running them for many years and have had great success. Best of luck with the convention and thank you for the support!

2) Is it true that the Pursuit Of Cobra line has been cancelled for the UK?

No plans have been confirmed at present.

3) The postponed Polar Shark driver Icestorm figure bore more than a passing resemblance to the classic Red Shadow design. Was there an influence or is it purely conincidental?

This is purely coincidental. This figure was inspired by the bright colors used in extreme arctic naval gear.

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Posted: 17 Feb 2010 06:24
by The Baron
Hasbro's GI Joe Q&A Round Six 2009

1) With the recent announcement that the Max Steel movie by Paramount will star one of the cast from the Twilight movie series, are there any plans for a similar project featuring Action Man?

There are no plans for this at present.

2) Are there any plans to release the UK GI Joe - Rise of Cobra comic by Panini in the US? Many of our UK members have been purchasing multiple copies and forwarding them along to US fans.

There are no plans for this at present, but we are looking into it.

3) We are progressing well with our plans for a UK GI Joe/Action Force convention in October 2010. What is the best way for us to co-ordinate with your people directly, please?

Hasbro UK customer services can be contacted online or at 00800 22 42 72 76. They can help direct any questions you have.