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Got a suggestion for Hasbro? Something you need to know? This is the place to find out!
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Hasbro Site Survey

Postby The Baron » 09 Oct 2009 13:37

I have been invited to fill in a Hasbro Survey! I hope everyone is happy with my replies.

1. When did your site launch?

24th February 2003, although aspects of the toy archive and forum were inherited from http://www.actionforce.org. The forum went online on 02nd August 2002: http://www.bloodforthebaron.com/phpBB3/

2. How many unique daily visitors does your site get?

On average 1,200. I am going by the Total Sessions Served figure (see next answer) divided by 30 days.

3. How many unique monthly visitors does your site get?

Here are my MatrixStats summaries for September 2009

Server Activity Totals
Total Sessions Served: 36122
Total Hits: 2144928
Total Page Hits: 321495
Total Non Page Hits: 1823433
Total Session Duration: 16148028s
Total Transferred: 46.39 GB

Server Activity Averages
Total Sessions Served: 36122
Average Hits Per Session: 59
Average Page Hits Per Session: 8
Average Session Duration: 447s
Average Transfer/Session: 1.32 MB

I hope this answers your question!

4. If applicable, how many active registered users does your site have?

My forum presently has 483 members, I would estimate that around 50 post regularly.

5. What is the average amount of page views that a Hasbro tagged post gets?

The site had 12,532 page views on Wednesday the 7th of October 2009. Every page on the site is GI Joe relevant.


6. What are the most targeted/talked about/favored Hasbro items?

Without a doubt the Red Shadows, both the original toyline and recent comic characters.

Other aspects of Action Force (the UK name for GI Joe), although mostly the Palitoy-era toys. I class these as Hasbro as all of the copyrights were purchased by Hasbro after Palitoy closed. There is a full five-page History of the Range article viewable here: http://www.bloodforthebaron.com/history/index.html

There was a lot of buzz in the forum regarding the new movie, both before and after the release.

Many visitors like viewing the UK comic archives: http://www.bloodforthebaron.com/comics/index.html

7. How many monthly page views does your site get?

September 2009 had 321,495


Page views per session breakdown
15501 (42.9%) sessions made: 0 page requests
6676 (18.5%) sessions made: 1 page requests
5273 (14.6%) sessions made: 2-5 page requests
2650 (7.3%) sessions made: 6-10 page requests
2346 (6.5%) sessions made: 11-20 page requests
2335 (6.5%) sessions made: 21-50 page requests
802 (2.2%) sessions made: 51-100 page requests
539 (1.5%) sessions made: 101+ page requests

8. What is the average amount of time visitors spend on your site (per visit)?

Time per session: Report for Date Range

Start: 01 September 2009
End: 30 September 2009
Units: Seconds per Session

The time per session report shows the average amount of time between the first and last requests from a single session.
The higher the time per session, the longer visitors are spending on the site.

Yearly Breakdown

Daily Report

01 September 2009 - 229: 1.5%
02 September 2009 - 255: 1.7%
03 September 2009 - 378: 2.5%
04 September 2009 - 210: 1.4%
05 September 2009 - 191: 1.3%
06 September 2009 - 274: 1.8%
07 September 2009 - 412: 2.7%
08 September 2009 - 436: 2.9%
09 September 2009 - 568: 3.7%
10 September 2009 - 541: 3.6%
11 September 2009 - 502: 3.3%
12 September 2009 - 465: 3.1%
13 September 2009 - 536: 3.5%
14 September 2009 - 457: 3.0%
15 September 2009 - 650: 4.3%
16 September 2009 - 660: 4.3%
17 September 2009 - 663: 4.4%
18 September 2009 - 746: 4.9%
19 September 2009 - 540: 3.6%
20 September 2009 - 645: 4.2%
21 September 2009 - 596: 3.9%
22 September 2009 - 463: 3.0%
23 September 2009 - 518: 3.4%
24 September 2009 - 582: 3.8%
25 September 2009 - 683: 4.5%
26 September 2009 - 470: 3.1%
27 September 2009 - 620: 4.1%
28 September 2009 - 627: 4.1%
29 September 2009 - 722: 4.8%
30 September 2009 - 547: 3.6%
Total - 15186
Average - 506

9. What do you think visitors enjoy most about your site?

My site has many unique aspects. BFTB is the only UK-based GI Joe website which therefore gives the toy and comic archives both a rarity and curiosity factor.

BFTB has many active Creativity projects underway including customs, dioramas, artwork, fanfic, web-comics and a worldwide Colouring Project: http://www.bloodforthebaron.com/project ... ndex2.html

Members are welcomed and encouraged to participate in any and all activities, I am always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Site navigation is clear, bright and easy with category buttons visible on every page. Nothing is hidden or buried too deep and you can access any part of the site from any single page without backtracking.

The forum is widely regarded and often commented upon as being one of the friendliest on the internet. In over seven active years I have only had to ban one forum member. The forum is good-humoured and fun.

BFTB attracted a lot of international attention on our sixth anniversary when we won the ten-year long Treasures n' Toys competition, created by Ron Conner to identify the mystery Flash figure. This sparked a lot of interest in the Action Force range and brought in a lot of new members. The full five-page article is here: http://www.bloodforthebaron.com/noman/noman1.html

A great many of the GI Joe fans come to BFTB to learn more about the Red Shadows. When Devil's Due Publishing resurrected the faction in their America's Elite comic my forum memberhip instantly doubled and the site's popularity soared, it has been and still is increasing exponentially every month!

10. What efforts do you put into acquiring new visitors?

I am a member of roughly 20 GI Joe forums where I try my very best to answer any questions regarding Action Force and UK GI Joes.

Every Sunday I post a new chapter of the BFTB Colouring Project. First of all I add the pages to my site archives, I then place a direct link on the site homepage and I then post a 70% reduced-sized version of the pages in the forum itself. I then copy and paste the scaled-down forum edition pages to 16 other regular GI Joe forums every week. Please visit this forum link for a summary of my external promotion: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=6128

I was also posting the BFTB Colouring Project on Tri-State Vipers but unfortunately I had to remove the images as their server could not handle the load. We are looking into other options such as using thumbnail links. I will also be posting on the Deviant Art forum once this current storyline has finished in the hopes of attracting more colourists.

We have put together a collection of non-profit printed volumes of the BFTB Colouring Project due to popular demand and as a means of showcasing the colourists work.

I have been working very closely with Josh Eggebeen of Yojoe to add the Battle Action Force and Marvel UK comics to their archives. Both of the sites now feature fully interlocking archives. My site hosts the scans while Yojoe hosts the summaries, both sites link to their relevant counterparts at each and every opportunity: http://www.yojoe.com/comics/baf/

We have our own homemade fanfic comic "Action Force - Red Dawn" which we also promote on all of the GI Joe forums: http://www.bloodforthebaron.com/project ... index.html

We have a touring figure which is passed around between members which has proven to be extremely popular: http://www.bloodforthebaron.com/diorama ... index.html

I work on BFTB daily and am constantly upgrading and improving the archives as well as promoting the site and moderating the forum.

11. How can Hasbro "make things better" for your site?


The most useful thing would be a complete reference list of the UK toy releases. My archives are pieced together from promotional catalogues and forum input. There are still some grey areas on releases such as vehicle drivers and pilots. Any information and/or images would be greatly appreciated! http://www.bloodforthebaron.com/toys/index.html

All submissions would of course be acknowledged in the site contributors page: http://www.bloodforthebaron.com/thanks/index.html

Our primary goal at BFTB is to bring back the Red Shadows. Ever since DDP reintroduced them to the Joeverse there has been a rising interest. A few select forum members including myself did kick some ideas around for producing them ourselves. Hoever, aside from the significant costs involved, I decided to halt the project as for us to have proceeded would have ruined any possible chances of working with you towards an official Hasbro release.

We have many thoughts and suggestions and would dearly love the opportunity to discuss product design with your team. Essentially all you would need do is recast from your existing moulds in blood-red plastic and add a skull and crossbones logo! Even though the toyline stopped over 20 years ago, more and more Red Shadow customs are being made from GI Joe toys every month: http://www.bloodforthebaron.com/customs/index.html

I have also held back from approaching you with any product ideas while the movie was an ongoing concern.

In October 2010 we are planning the first UK GI Joe convention at the Leicester Space Centre.

We are hoping to work with Panini who are publishing the new UK GI Joe comic, ideally by having a creators Q&A panel. We have a great many plans in place such as complete MIB and loose toy displays, customs, competitions, goodie-bags for children, convention exclusives and, with any luck, the opportunity to display the unreleased Special Weapons prototypes including the mystery Flash figure, now known as Bombardier.

I briefly touched upon the idea in our last Q&A session, where you seemed genuinely excited. Anything you could offer to help would be greatly appreciated, whether it be a full-scale endorsement including printed banners and international publicising or just a box of postcards, it would be most welcome.

Our forum members were overjoyed to see that the Kansas 2009 convention exclusive figure was an Action Force tribute Hawk & Blades set. If there was one thing that would really be the icing on the cake it would be an exclusive BFTB convention Hasbro Red Shadow figure!

12. Anything else you would like to share with us?

Thank you. Sincerely. Your toys have helped to shape our lives. Every day we get together from all around the world and talk about GI Joe and in so doing, the last 25 years just melt away. There are no semi GI Joe fans, we are all lifers here and the online fandom community is a truly amazing place.

For Hasbro to acknowledge my endeavours with BloodForTheBaron makes me truly proud. To be invited to be a part of the Q&A sessions and this survey is an honour and I am very grateful for the opportunity.
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Re: Hasbro Site Survey

Postby Double-Tap » 09 Oct 2009 13:52

this is great Boss.
how did this come about??
did hasbro contact you as a result of the q&a sessions?
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The Baron
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Re: Hasbro Site Survey

Postby The Baron » 09 Oct 2009 13:58

Thanks! It's a blanket survey for every member forum of the Q&A panel. Apparently they cover all Hasbro products, not just GI Joe.
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Re: Hasbro Site Survey

Postby SteveD » 09 Oct 2009 13:58

Bloody good going that man!!! If that dont get their attention I dont know what will.

I'm clearing shelf space for my new Red Shadows figures as we speak....
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Re: Hasbro Site Survey

Postby gung-hoeddie » 09 Oct 2009 16:52

good work baron, you did a bloody good presentation there i take my hat off to you.
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The Baron
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Re: Hasbro Site Survey

Postby The Baron » 09 Oct 2009 17:23

Thank you. It'll be interesting to see what comes of it.
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Re: Hasbro Site Survey

Postby Red Laser » 09 Oct 2009 17:34

What sort of benefits will come from the survey?
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Re: Hasbro Site Survey

Postby The Kraken Wakes » 09 Oct 2009 17:37

Good stuff, hopefully Hasbro will give us some kind of response...
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The Baron
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Re: Hasbro Site Survey

Postby The Baron » 09 Oct 2009 18:14

I just asked what happens next:
Danny Palestine wrote:So what happens next is that this information gets shipped off to the Hasbro team, they look it over, internalize it, and then proceed as accordingly as they feel is best prescribed to help collector-fan media. No, these results will not be published online — think of this as a survey like the one you get after you stay at a hotel, it really is to get some quality feedback as to how we can improve — not like a Q&A.
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Re: Hasbro Site Survey

Postby Sundance » 09 Oct 2009 20:49

wow, you certainly blinded them with the stats.

and good job with telling them we want the Shads back!

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