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Posted: 29 Oct 2004 19:52
by chad_ghost
Newswseller wrote:If you guys want I can start it off by sending a carded Muton :muton: to someone (this way no one is likely to want to keep it) .. It would be cooler if everyone could sign and date the card??
i could dig that.

Posted: 29 Oct 2004 20:25
by louie0316
:eagle sounds like fun send it off then when the recipient recieves it he could leave a message as to who he recieved it off then email the next target personnally to get there address so the next inline knows mr muton is on his way and just see how far he can travel and as you say sign it and where you live to get a rough guide how far afield he has been definately something different and we can see how royal mail would treat our little guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 30 Oct 2004 11:25
by steve
Sounds good to me, finally, a muton with a purpose!

Posted: 30 Oct 2004 17:13
by The Baron
Howsabout a loose one instead? Then we could take pics of him in compromising situations.

Has anyone else been to

Posted: 31 Oct 2004 18:49
by The Baron
What, like a stunt double?

If you send me the carded one I'll open it and nick the visor.

Posted: 01 Nov 2004 19:24
by chad_ghost
well, it seems like this has got a pretty good response. so, now what?

Posted: 02 Nov 2004 21:13
by Lady Jaye
I love the idea!

Posted: 03 Nov 2004 17:05
by chad_ghost
Newswseller wrote:Right..I'll get it sorted out over the weekend!! So MR Muton could be on his way too you soon...
i guess we need to compile addresses and get an order of arrival together soon. if no one else wants to take care of that, then i will. let me know.

also, we need to come up with a name for this little journey.