French commercial

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French commercial

Postby cou.cou84 » 08 Jun 2005 18:52

hi every-one

as i said i my precedent post, i've tried to find the big french commercial developped with diorama ; without succes today (will try in diffrent places friday)

but i found another one (but this one is regular)
you can have it here:

(it's only a temporary page so download it when you can...)
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Postby ariaisland » 09 Jun 2005 09:25

Thanks for sharing that. Its great to see how other countries advertised AF. I think its funny, even though I can't read a word of the text!!!.
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Postby cou.cou84 » 09 Jun 2005 17:36

here his my approximative translation for the commercial:

Being alerterted,all the action force army had massively regrouped

around the strange vehicle : all white, glittering, having a light

smoke that could be seen in the sky for thousand of kilometres.

And, strangely it smelt pleasurely chocolate.

A imposant silence was succeding at last to the agitation of the

last hours. The worst had been feared. Televisions from all around

the world were announcing that a flying sauccer was to enter in

collision with earth crashing on the city.

Now all was quiet. may be too quiet? the crowd was going on

amounting on the square.The president was also here. By a simple

move, he comanded to the action force's commando to have a closer

look to the vehicle. A soldier was designed to climb the flying


Canons, bazookas, rail gune ratteled, ready to open fire if an

incident was to occure. In the same time, a action force radio

transmiter was sending a welcome message. But without result.

Suddenly the vehicle shaked. quived. screaming with his 4 atomic

reactor. And it disapeared like a meteorite.

It was simply 8 o'clock. i just had time to drink my chocolate. to

nibble my slice (tartine = french breakfeast). to arrange all my

little soldiers and vehicles action force. And going in a hurry to


All the action force collection is available at your toy shop
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