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Posted: 14 Dec 2004 05:34
by seaneley
:baron2: / :baron: / :cobracommander:
'Nuff said!

Posted: 15 Dec 2004 21:24
by BelgianGabber
I really like CC v1 so Red Laser for sure!

I really love what they did with the cc mold, just awesome!

Posted: 15 Dec 2004 21:28
by Antybots

Posted: 17 Dec 2004 00:44
by steel bonnet
Well for me there`s a couple & they are:-

Moondancer (jointed) Just thought the Grey uniform on a jointed figure was so cool as a kid & still do.

Stalker (SAS) Well what`s to say,he`s so cool (no wonder he was Joe`s Stalker v1 choice).

Eagle (SAS) As a child & having watched the iranian embassy seige,hell of course l was smitten by there Black attire & effectiveness.

Campbell (Z) Well l used to paint the berets Khaki on mine to represent Coldstream Guards (my dad`s old unit).

Steel Bonnet

Posted: 29 Dec 2004 02:46
Ripcord (cos of the cool armalite)
Scrap Iron

Posted: 09 Jan 2005 17:37
by Fireant
Mine is Desert Rat :desert: he is very cool, as a kid he was very herd to find in the shops. Kraken :kraken: is great as well!

As for the AF figures I like Storm Shadow :storm: & Mutt :mutt: :junkyard:

Posted: 09 Jan 2005 19:47
by rascal
I liked the realism of Action Force first series especially the British troops given the Falkands conflict and the Iranian Embassy seige at the time- better than the Star Wars figures...there were a few different parachute toys around during the late 70's/early 80's and the AF ones were great. :uspara: :sparrow: getting good height on the drop could lead to some spectacular descents!

I liked all the second series stuff, although I wasn't too keen on Space Force which looked a bit far fetched. Lack of cash always held me back from getting all the vehicles, but the Tank and Steeler was a great christmas present that has just been brought back 'into service'. :steeler:
Z force doc was cool apart from that orange rocket launcher which looked a bit 'space force' to me.. :doc:


Posted: 23 Feb 2005 14:57
:originalaf: :2naval: First figure I got
:sas: :eagle2: The film Who Dares Wins
:zforce: :skip: I use to be in the Scouts
:qforce: :surfer: The figure and the Sea Skimmer
:space: :kiwi: The accessories were cool I'm so vain
:enemy: :major: Ex SAS and cunning.
:af: :snakeeyes: One bad ass dude (more GI Joe)
:cobra: :storm: It's a ninja thing

Reasons added

Duty calls

Posted: 24 Feb 2005 18:54
by ariaisland
:breaker: I would have to say that my favorite is Breaker (Z). He was one of the first figures I had a appeared heavily in early stories (Desert Strike).

:stalker: I also liked Stalker (SAS) because of his extra posability and UZI machine pistol.

:shadow: The Red Shadow has to get a mention as my all time favorite enemy!

Of course there are so many to choose from and they are all greats.