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Action Force Blades question

Posted: 04 Aug 2004 21:54
by Northwinds
I have a Blades figure that came in this box :

Afaik, the figure did not come with mines and minedetector.
But was packaged only in a plastic bag.
Would be strange anyway, for a pilot.

Question is : There are Blades figures that come in sealed vehicle driver boxes WITH mine detector and mines. What vehicle were these Blades figures packed with ?

Posted: 05 Aug 2004 08:17
by Lady Jaye
See Peter, one question and voila! :)

Posted: 05 Aug 2004 08:29
by Northwinds
I've read somewhere that during a GI JOE convention in the states, the Hasbro stand was selling loads of these sealed Action Force figures.
It would be great to hear about this from an "eyewitness" :wink:
I own myself a packaged Blades from the 1992 GI Joe convention : ... PhotoID=22

Note the odd selection of weapons !

Posted: 16 Aug 2004 18:58
by ariaisland
I have both Blades and Hunter in the yellow plastic bubble. Blades has the tripwire accessories. I am reliably informed that these came direct from the palitoy factory in Burton upon trent before it closed.

:blades: :hunter:

Posted: 19 Aug 2004 18:08
by ariaisland
Good theory......

I also have Jammer and Gaucho in the same packaging. I am sure they wouldn't have intended to used a window box on the command centre though!. However, I suppose they could have put the figures on display along side a photograph of the command centre?