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Action Force French Fanclub

Postby OllyOrc » 07 Aug 2020 21:29

Rare Action Force French Fanclub letter, decoder and ID Card but missing the Personal log book. The cassette and dog tag are from the UK ... index.html
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AF French fanclub.jpg
AF French fanclub 1.jpg
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The day has arrived, you are now officially part of the Club ACTION FORCE!

So hurry up to go on an adventure, all you have to do is complete your card with your name and address and paste your photo.

But above all, remember that this card is a precious document and that losing it would make you miss many surprises!

Surprises that you will discover over the months with the ACTION FORCE sections in PIF which will give you all the news from the Club!

and so that you do not embark on the adventure without material I send you with this letter your first gift of the Club the coder decoder ACTION FORCE. With it, you will be able to send your friends secret messages in 5 different codes and be sure to decode their response.
Espionage, secret services, difficult missions, with this superb gift, everything is within your reach!

But that's not all: ACTION FORCE has an exceptional offer for you and your friends. All you have to do is write down on a sheet the name and address of two of your friends that you want to register with the Club, ask them each for three stamps at 2.00F to indicate your name and address and send everything to Club address.

So see you soon and long live the adventure!

To find the meaning of this sentence. use your FORCE ACTION decoder Code No 1

Decoded and translated
"You will then receive one of the awesome action force characters and your friends their club membership card closed in PIF which will keep you informed of all the action force information and all the gifts that will be offered to you."

** PIF Comic also advertised Star Wars ** ... c-magazine

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