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Information about prices?

Posted: 13 Aug 2018 02:46
by momaw nadon
Hi guys,

Been a while, but looking for some idea on prices for a few pieces. I'm interested in getting myself a AF7 and wondering what is a good price for one of these that is near complete? The one I'm looking at is missing the antenna and there is no figure/hammer.

Haven't seen these yet, but always good to get an idea on what I'm going to be looking at price wise for Cosmic Cruiser and Swordfish also.

All the other things, just need random pieces to complete items, so would hate to have to get another one just to complete the one I have, so will hold off on asking about them until I get desperate.

As always, thank you in advance for any help and information,
momaw nadon

Side note: would anyone be willing to help an over the pond collector? I'm still in need of some pieces and would like to complete them before I can't feed myself :D. Plus there is not many things floating around on ebay this side of the pond. I would even be interested in casts/repro items, just to complete these things I need. Thanks again.