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Re: Mailaway Figures

Postby Space Commander » 17 Jan 2009 23:06

sf1378 wrote:My Old Man (bless him) sent away for the :cmmdr: figure for me as a wee lad. I ended up receiving TWO!

Basically Dad sent the mail in card without a final medal attached and a nice letter to Palitoy explaining that our local toy stores only had the same figures I already had....Palitoy sent me one :cmmdr: and a few weeks later another :cmmdr: arrived!

Thats what you call customer service! My figures came in sealed bags in simple brown jiffy type envelopes with a small blue Colt 45 pistol....
Yeah, my older brother sent off for :cmmdr: , then a little while later mysteriously got :skeletron: with a lovely note saying sorry they couldn't supply :cmmdr: but they'd run out!

Palitoy were great for bargains! Gawd, I miss them.

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This is what you get when you mess with the SAS
This is what you get when you mess with the SAS
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Re: Mailaway Figures

Postby Chopper » 18 Jan 2009 02:11

jonesy1275 wrote:Here's an unopened one. I've got the Eagle comic with the free figure as well if you're interested.


God that's awesome Jonesy. Best AF memory ever. I never new Eagle did one too? I'm pretty sure I bought at least 3 of those BAF issues. Was really pissed off, if I'd known, I'd have scrounged more pocket money. I went back the next day, but inevitably....

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he who dares...
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Re: Mailaway Figures

Postby paulitoy » 18 Jan 2009 12:14


Wonderful that you have a sealed comic Jonesy, as said above your collection continues to amaze!

Could we have a pic of the sealed Eagle as well please just for my OCD completeness!

It also answers the rumour that has been suggested here on the forum in the past that the issue came with the 'Free Kracken' mini comic and the extended line figure poster. Questions answered, lovely.

Many thanks

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Muchos Regardos,

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Postby darthwagner » 28 Apr 2009 19:58

red shadow wrote: I think the commander was advertised but not available in France ?
Hope this helps
Hi everybody (from a french fan from back in the days)
I must say that the commander was available in France, 'cause ... I had one with my five firts medals (I'll put a picture of my old toys someday and you can see my old cmdr, definitly one of my fav's) that I send to a french adress (Think "Meccano" company that do the shipping, the toy company that also did the special card for french SW toys).
I also had (with 5 medals) Desert rat and British marine (never had the same figure twice), then after, the Black Major and the last I had was Red Laser ... that's was my first Joe articulated figure at this time ;)
Hope it's help ;)

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