Where are they Now (The characters of AF)

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Where are they Now (The characters of AF)

Postby steel bonnet » 24 Jun 2006 10:36

Well as the title say`s,where do you think the characters from Action Force would be today?

FOR ME & to start the ball rolling...............

Baron IronBlood == Cobra Commander (That`s a given).

Red Jackel == Destro (Another Given).

Black Major == I see as Head of a Merc unit still wanting to seek
revenge on The Baron aka Cobra Commander.

Red Laser == Possibly still serving WITH The Black Major.

Red Vulture == Serving with the Black Major.

Red Wolf == Still with the Black Major.

EAGLE == Buckingham is now a Colonel & Commanding Officer of the Special Air Service Regiment.

SKIP == Campbell is a Brigader General in the British Army.Possibly new commander of the Special Reconaissece Regiment (SRR) or 16th Air Assault.

Quickfire == Muller went back to German & is the field Officer (Hauptmann) of the KSK (Germany`s new Military Special Forces unit).

Beaver == Smith went back to Canada & is a key player in Canada`s premier Anti Terrorist unit Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2).

Stakeout == EAGLE kept Jones with him as his personal Adjutant with a rank of Sgt.

Barracuda == Bouvier went back to France & went into buisness with Shark working in the South of France taking paying dive trips out. Rumoured to be working for French Intelligence when his expertise is needed.

Chopper == Sanderson went back to the US & is an Commander of the US ARMY 160th "Nightstalker" Helicopter Regtiment.

Stalker == Ragnarsson stayed with EAGLE has his personal Driver.

Sparrowhawk == Van der Burgh went back to Belgium & teaches Belgian Special Forces & NATO forces HALO techniques.

Hunter == Rodrigues went back to Mexico,then served in Mexican Special Forces & is now a field Commander within their Armoured Corps.

Tracker == Santillana stayed with Skip & became a member of the UK 5th Air Mobile Brigade & now the UK 16th Air Assault as a Commissoned Officer.

Breaker == Brazzi went back to Italy & serves in there Intelligence Community as a comms specialist.

Scout == Dremmler went back to East Germany & with Germany becoming one nation found he was like so many other Specialy trained troops now defunct. He is now a Key Player within the United Nations & their ANTI MINE cause. He`s constantly in the field himself teaching & actually de-activating mines.

The Doc == Inglessen went back to Norway & now heads a NATO Special Operations Medical response team.

Steeler == Stakis is the Executve officer of Greece`s premier Armoured Regt.

Wheels == Van Eyck stayed with Skip as his personal Driver.

Quarrel == Pulver works for NATO in their Secret Covert Operations Detachment.

Leviathan == McClaren still loves to Get Wet. He is a member of the Royal Navy`s Special Boat Services (SBS).Also serves within the Royal Navy`s Underwater Rescue team.

Shark == Rives went into buisness with Barricuda in the South of France. Also rumoured to be working for French Intelligence.

Phones == O`Flaherty went back to Eire & is working for Naval Intelligence.

Surfer == Whipple went back to Hawaii & serves in there Search & Rescue teams.

Dolphin == Morgan is a member of the Royal Navy SBS.

Skyraider == Chuck went back to the US. Serves in the US Airforce & heads their Space Deployment Team (SDT).

Hawkwind == Elsund is serving in the British Army as Head of the Army Air Corps Special helicopter wing.He is also known to do drops with British troops & takes part in public jumps with the RED DEVILS.

Kiwi == Walters is serving with the British SAS as their Comabt Electronics Specialist.

Blast-Off == Taggart is a senior member of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment.Also a key player in Australia having it`s own Space Agency.

Hot Jets == Asimov initiatialy went back to Russia. Though When Chuck headed the US Space Deployment Team he whisked Asimov to the US (given full US Citizenship),joined the USAF & has him as his right hand man.

Moondancer == El Shafei,stayed with Chuck & given full US citizenship. He joined the US Airforce & works with Chuck with the SDT.

Well that`s my take on how the characters have progressed in life since we last saw these guys in Battle Action Force.

So what`s your take?

Steel Bonnet
Lady Jaye
What? A swallow carrying a coconut?
What? A swallow carrying a coconut?
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Postby Lady Jaye » 24 Jun 2006 12:29

Geeeeeez, why is everybody taking this hobby so bloody serious?

Here's my list:
  • Quarrel gained 5 stone and is working in a local restaurant in Winterthur.
  • Steeler is have a long term vacation in Dartmoore prison.
  • Skip is a farmer in southern part of Australia.
  • Breaker is still having a break in the Fiji-area.
  • Jammer went to California and is now a porno actor in the Bang Bus
  • Tracker got lost somewhere in 1993. Still not seen yet.
  • Scout got divorced, remarried and is nowadays living with his wife and two kids in Dresden.
  • Doc has a newspaperstand in Vestnes.
  • Guacho is running a kinky Mexican restaurant with two bisexual twins in Amsterdam.
  • Quickfire is an accountant in Bamberg.
  • Beaver is working for Green Peace.
  • Chopper was a cleaner in the twin towers. Died 9/11 2001.
  • Barracuda lives in Tours and is a mechanic.
  • Stalker kept his silly outfit and is now a SM-dominator in Reykjavik.
  • Stake Out has a chippy in Liverpool on Hunterstreet.
  • Sparrowhawk died in a plane crash. Last seen by Chopper.
  • Hunter is an application engineer.
  • Eagle is a local hero in Peterborough, known for his excellent cooking.
  • Moondancer sued Michael Jackson for stealing his moves. Lost the cast, lost all his money.
  • Sky Raider was last seen in 1986 in a pub in Cardif.
  • Hot Jets had a minor role in 'Star Wars, Attack of the Clones'. Did on set whilst acting. Was edited out later.
  • Blast Off went to Israel in 1992.
  • Hawkwind went back to Sweden and is working a product manager at head office of IKEA.
  • Shark died of a drug overdose at a rave in Blackpool.
  • Leviathan is still misunderstood by the neds because of his weird and long name. Has a small stand in Glasgow Green in the city centre.
  • Phones is nowadays known as T-Mobile. Married, no kids.
  • Surfer went pro. Was Olympic Champion in later eighties, then never heard from again.
  • Dolphin had gotten tired of the vast amount of Welsh jokes and commited suicide november 1990.
  • Baron Ironblood is a stand-up comedian in the Quatsch Comedy Club in Berlin
  • Black Major is living up north in Scotland as a Tai Chi Chuan teacher.
  • Red Laser is a professional organizer of Techno Raves in Blackpool.
  • Red Shadows sometimes pop up during the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Kraken went back working in a the theme park.
  • Muton is a slot machine in Las Vegas.
  • Skeletron was and is still dead.
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Postby alexbusbyuk » 24 Jun 2006 20:29

Z-Force is disbanded in the late 80?s. After a failed attempt at setting up business as a security firm in London, most of Z-force decided to rob the company they were supposed to be guarding. Skip sold them all out.
? Skip is in hiding, on witness protection after shopping in the rest of the bank heist gang.
? Breaker is in jail for armed robbery.
? Tracker is in jail for armed robbery.
? Quarrel is in jail for armed robbery.
? Wheels is in jail for armed robbery.
? Steeler is running a taverna on a Greek island
? Jammer and Gaucho went to San Francisco together, Jammer is now a computer hacker for Microsoft, Gaucho does his laundry.
? Scout teaches young offenders in the former East Germany.
? Doc has become a very successful plastic surgeon.

SAS-Force was disbanded in the late 80?s.
? Eagle and Stake Out set up a pub together in Liverpool. The pub went bankrupt after 3 months, Stake out ran off with the last of the money and moved to Spain, Eagle now works in a hairdressing salon in Hereford.
? Quickfire inherited a small fortune and now deals in fine art in Berlin.
? Hunter is successful fine art forger in Berlin.
? Beaver is working for Green Peace.
? Barracuda works for the French government, stopping Green Peace.
. Stalker became a mad old hermit in Iceland, racing snowmobiles and drinking homemade vodka. Some say he is the Stig from Top Gear.
? Chopper became an unsuccessful pilot trainer in the American Mid-West; but he still can?t find his aircraft.
? Sparrowhawk became a parachute instructor in the American Mid-West; he enjoys a beer and laughing at the business interests of Chopper.
? Blade retired in disgrace after Cobra stole/destroyed all the Hawks, he cleans floors in an unsuccessful pilot school in the American Mid-West.

Space Force was merged with the European Space Agency in the late 90?s, becoming their secret military wing.
? Moondancer stayed with the ESA, and enjoyed himself, flying the new Triad MK II.
? Sky Raider piloted the Beagle probe to Mars, no-one told him it was unmanned, he hasn?t been heard of since.
? Hot Jets became a hit man with the Russian Mafia, and test pilot for the ESA on his days off.
? Blast Off returned to Australia, discovered a gold field under his house, and bought the ESA.
? Kiwi works in Heathrow as a customs officer, specialising in cavity searches.
? Hawkwind became an actor in Hong Kong in Kung-Foo movies.

Q-Force was forgotten about for 20 years, they were found awaiting orders in 2003.
? Shark opened up a vegetarian restaurant on the south coast of France.
? Leviathan is unemployed, after refusing to work for Phones.
? Phones set up a mobile phone store (Phones4Q) in the 2004. Doing very well.
? Surfer was hiding when Q-Force was found in 2003, and thinks he?s still playing hide and seek.
? Dolphin decided to start up a rock band, he is still available for weddings.

The Red Shadows did this and that and then not a lot else.
? Baron Ironblood became Cobra Commander. He retired to a small Thai island where he runs a small bar for back packers. He has become an activist, campainging for world peace.
. Red Jackal cleans the dishes in a bar in Thailand, he hope to branch into altnative beauty theaphy when he gets paid.
? Black Major currently heads the Los Angeles branch of CTU and goes by the name of Jack Bauer.
? Red Laser left the Shadows in the late 80?s, after the Black Major forgot to feed his pet hamster when he went on holiday. He now works in the music industry creating light shows.
? Red Vulture runs a sports car sales room in Paris.
? Red Wolf followed Ironblood and Red Jackal to Cobra; he hated the new uniform and so quit to enjoy his millions by the sea.
? Kraken are trying to decide how to build a raft so they can take over the world. They are still deciding how will be their leader.
? Skeletron has still not been seen or used.
? Muton tried to join Cobra, but failed the entrance test.
Lady Jaye
What? A swallow carrying a coconut?
What? A swallow carrying a coconut?
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Postby Lady Jaye » 25 Jun 2006 10:34


Yes, this is the stuff I am talking about!
steel bonnet
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Postby steel bonnet » 25 Jun 2006 12:41

HAHAHAHA Well certainly brings the characters into a new dimension :D

The idea of Eagle Hairdresser sounds Great :D

Steel Bonnet
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Postby alexbusbyuk » 25 Jun 2006 20:26

I also did a more serious one, but all the Action Force members were either teaching, taking command positions or running bussinesses.

Got interresting with the shads though.

Will post later.
steel bonnet
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Postby steel bonnet » 25 Jun 2006 21:05

Looking forward to it :D

Steel Bonnet
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Postby alexbusbyuk » 28 Jun 2006 23:33

Well had a silly jokey one. Now a serious one. hehehe

? Skip returned to his worldwide cooperation, where he once again heads.
? Breaker and Phones teamed together and now provide a communication consultancy to NATO.
? Tracker married Quarrel, they live happily in Switzerland, and he stays at home and looks after the kids.
? Quarrel married Tracker, they have 5 children. Quarrel continued to race bikes, and now works for a leading Moto GP team.
? Wheels set up a mechanics, engineering and transportation with his pal Gaucho in the Netherlands.
? Steeler joined United Nations as a weapons inspector/disposer together with Scout
? Jammer returned to the USA to become professor of electronics at UCLA.
? Gaucho works in mechanics, engineering and transportation in the Netherlands with Wheels. Still enjoys flexing his muscles.
? Scout United Nations as a weapons inspector/disposer with Steeler.
? Doc now teaches in Norway during term time, and uses these skills and his medical skills in Africa during his spare time.

? Eagle inherited the family titles, and now works for charity, helping under privileged kids.
? Stake Out now helps Eagle with his charity work.
? Quickfire became head-instructor at Military training School Bremen.
? Hunter gained a pardon in Mexico, where he returned, helped the poor and was voted to the legislative assembly.
? Beaver returned to Canada, participated in the Olympics and won in all his classes in the kayak, now helps the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with their investigations with his skills.
? Barracuda works on oilrigs around the world, as a diver.
? Stalker returned to rallying, then set up his own world champion team.
? Chopper returned to MGM studios, but left soon after following another disagreement with a female co-star. Now teaches pilot training.
? Sparrowhawk set up a hang gliding retreat in the USA.
? Blade returned to the American Mid-West, he now runs a ranch for city folk to experience the great out doors.

? Moondancer headed up the UN?s Space Contingency Agency, making sure the Earth was safe from space, either from terrorists, invaders or asteroids.
? Sky Raider took up a position as liaison between the European Space Agency and NASA, later becoming director of both.
? Hot Jets became a leading figure in the Russian contribution to the International Space Station.
? Blast Off returned to Australia and set up a milk and fresh juice, using only the finest organic and none GM products.
? Kiwi returned to MIT where he now teaches computer hardware.
? Hawkwind moved to the USA, where he pursued a career in movies, as a stunt man and helicopter pilot, then as a star of a minor martial arts TV series. He followed this with a recording deal singing Swedish folk music.

? Shark opened up a restaurant and dive school on Martinique.
? Leviathan is chief lecturer of Maritime Warfare at HMS Collingwood.
? Phones and Breaker teamed together and now provide a communication consultancy to NATO.
? Surfer returned to surfing, later releasing a series of minor hit surfer rock music albums. Now commentates on Extreme TV during surfer competitions.
? Dolphin is a professor of oceanography, often taking his students out for research trips in the Sealion.
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Postby alexbusbyuk » 28 Jun 2006 23:34

Then thought only the Shads would probably be still in business so:

? Red Shadows: would be a much more streamlined and better-organised terrorist unit, probably as an organisation providing training, logistics, weapons etc, in cells. The Shads however, could when the time is right come together to be a serious force to be reckoned with. Less emphasis on mass attacks with 100?s of suicide troops, but smaller units of 10 or so sent out on select missions, but with it?s teeth firmer sunk into a whole country subversively, running a puppet government. This would still allow the use of 100?s or 1000?s of Shads

? Baron Ironblood became Cobra Commander. After a few years of action against Action Force, he disappeared from view. Current Location: Unknown. Condition: Unknown. Reckon if ya ignore the Marvel comics, CC woulda had a major breakdown and disappeared from view. Would, if he didn?t die of old age (he was born Sept 1928, makes him 78!!!), probably resurface about 20 years later. Of course he could have used some weird genetics or cryogenics to either resurface (either as a new Serpentor or Adolph Hitler). Would he be reunited with the Black Major? Doubt it some how.

? Black Major, after mopping up the remnants of Cobra, the Black Major continued to lead a now more elite terrorist organisation. No longer bent on world domination, they are now believed to be striving to destabilise the world. It is believed that the Black Major is still a major threat to world security.

? Red Laser left the Shadows in the late 80?s. He is believed to have become an international banker/arms dealer. He is believed to have strong links to the Black Major still possibly as head of the Shadow?s finance and research arms.

? Red Vulture is now believed to be second in command of the Red Shadows. Is loyalty to the Black Major is unending.

? Red Jackal, became Destro, location unknown, but rumoured be leader of Cobra, Cobra is now believed to be a much more clandestine operation, with only a few members, ambitions: Unknown. Red Jackal/Destro would only have a place as a leader/deputy of Cobra, or as in a role similar to that of Destro in the Marvel comics, kinda the head of an international arms dealership.

? Red Wolf followed Ironblood/Cobra Commander and Red Jackal/Destro to Cobra; believed to have defected back to the Red Shadows.

? Kraken is believed to still be in storage ready for use.

? Skeletron: UNKNOWN.

? Muton retired from service after a series of terrible defeats. It is believed that the Shadow?s may be developing a Muton Mk II.
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Postby steel bonnet » 29 Jun 2006 10:17

Well the Funny one`s were good though these More serious one`s are bloody good mate.

I like the take on each on & then what you did with the Shadow`s too.

A Streamline Elite Terrorist unit,I really like that concept & certainly shows the Black Major is truely using his former RM training & experiance even moreso.

Steel Bonnet

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