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Review Can be originally found here ... sland.html

---------------courtesy of the Freighter-----------

GI Joe Extreme Volume 2, #3:
Red Scream: Island Assault
Summary: Picking up from issue 2, the Joes find themselves faced with their doubles (evil doubles even!). The fight starts, naturally. Wreckage moves to assist the Joes, but Iron Klaw holds him back. Wreckage protests, saying that Iron Klaw gave his word to help the Joes. Iron Klaw agrees, but says he withdraws his word effective immediately. Let the Joes and thier doubles fight it out, then Iron Klaw and SKAR can take out Red Scream (leaving themselves in position to take over the world, o'course). Inferno and Rampage see no problem with abandoning the Joes to their fate. The others leave, but Wreckage looks back, reluctant to go.
The Joes face off against their doubles, with no real success. Stone realizes that if the Joes stay matched against their duplicates, their fights could easily take hours since each pair is too well matched against one another. Which will keep the Joes in place for an easy pickup by Interalliance.
Stone yells for the Joes to change partners. Once the Joes stop fighting their duplicates, the fight quickly goes their way and the Joes mop the floor with their duplicates.
Stone praises the Joes for their skills, but their job isn't done. Mayday protests, saying they've got proof they were framed. Stone says it's not enough, Red Scream's only used this as a distraction while she's implementing her real scheme. Not to mention, Iron Klaw is still in the game, despite the fact he bugged out. The Joes leave before the incoming Interalliance folks can arrive.
Interalliance arrives and finds the duplicates tied up. They radio Roston, and ask if she knows where the Joes went. She says no and tells them to return to base for further orders. Roston heads over and pulls out her Red Scream uniform and prepares to meet up with the Joes again. Only, not as the person they're expecting. Bwah!
The Joes are trying to find Iron Klaw. They're using the traces Iron Klaw planted on their jets to back trace him. Iron Klaw is heading for "Joe Island."
Stone figures that Red Scream's scheme from Square One was to cut the Joes off from the Island.
At Joe Island, Iron Klaw figures that Red SCream's troops will take out the Joes, letting him have the chance to take out her. He sics Inferno on Red Scream as the Joes parachute onto the Island.
Red Scream offers Rampage a team-up. "I like you," says Rampage. "Too bad my heart belongs to Mayday."
Two Joes' parachute lines get cut by incoming fire. Wreckage takes out one of Red Scream's people. "No! We called a truce with the GI Joes!"
Iron Klaw: ""Wreckage's sense of ethics is inconvenient, but I must agree -- one thing at a time!" He shoots another of Red Scream's goons. The Joes hit the ground and drop some smoke from the plane. Freight, fighting alongside Wreckage, says "Why don't you make up your mind which side you're on Wreckage?" Wreckage retorts: "Until the last shot is fired in this Battle, we're allies!"
Red Scream's got a lot of troops on her side, but she seems to have gone for quantity, rather than quality (or so the Joes observe).
Red Scream charges off for the sonic cannon, apparently her objective the whole time or at least part of it. Stone orders the Joes to stop her, while Iron Klaw heads off to try and get teh tank for himself. Red Scream gets there first, and powers up the tank.
Metalhead yells for the others to duck as inside the tank something is wrong. Really wrong. The cannon implodes. Can't get much wronger than that, now can you? The Joes learn that Red Scream was Roston, which explains why she could access their files.
But why did the tank implode? 'Cause GI Joe rigged it to blow! WOW! I guess Deus Ex Machina was too long a code name...
Stone and Joe shake hands. Stone asks him to stay, to help teach the Joes, but Joe figures Stone is all the teacher the Joes need.
Freight and Harpoon watch the SKAR boys leave.
"Too bad you couldn't stop Wreckage and his pals, eh Freight?" Harpoon says.
"Wreckage ain't bad like the others," Freight says. "He belongs with us, not behind bars!"
Iron Klaw, on the other hand, does end up behind bars. "Is this the treatment an ally receives at your hands, Stone?"
"You're the one who broke our deal! You keep your word or you pay the price, Iron Klaw...the man I respect most in the world taught me that!"
And with that, the story comes to a just and honorable, END.
Next Mission: "As a training exercise, the GI Joes' crusty living legend, Sgt. Savage, enters the virtual-reality world of battle-torn World War II Germany. But when the program goes haywire, Savage isn't sure if he's experiencing VR or the real thing! And, the only way back to his reality is through an entire army of very real Nazi Soldiers!"


It was good to see the RED SHADOWS again and DONT COUNT THE RED SCREAM OUT, in the back of the letter colum it said that like Iron Klaw her being dead was NOT a certainity! So shes alive still!

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