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Re: ROC Stuff Sited

Postby Celticjoe » 12 Jul 2009 22:44

The figures are 10e in Ireland and the Pit Hedquaters is 165e.
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The Kraken Wakes
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Re: ROC Stuff Sited

Postby The Kraken Wakes » 13 Jul 2009 00:24

8 quid for the figures, the mars three packs are 25 quid...
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Re: ROC Stuff Sited

Postby firefly's bbox » 14 Jul 2009 08:53

Toys R Us single figures are 8 quid, small vehicals 15, medium vehicals 30 & i think 40 for the night raven (or what ever they're calling it)
Generally i felt underwhelmed by the wave 1 stuff in Watford Toys R US.
The small vehicals look better value, but it all just looked like half a**d generic movie merch, with none of the charm of eith AF or original G.I Joe.
Saying that i'm sure i'll get suckered in at some point.
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