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Re: Skip!

Postby Goldbug » 08 Feb 2019 05:09

z-force doc wrote:Sort of a spoiler for the release of the figures, but I hope most people won't mind or would have seen anyway. :skip: is now out, and he looks pretty good. Took a few images of him with some :zforce: vehicles and the other ME Z Force figures. Swapped his weapon for a Marauder FN FAL which looks much better.

Hopefully we might get one more Z Force or other AF figures before the Club loses their licence next year.

I also got the Marauder FN-FAL.
You forgot the handle!

z-force doc
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Re: Skip!

Postby z-force doc » 11 Feb 2019 21:05

Think I lost the handle rather than forgot it...too fiddly.

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