Action Force Hunting and fishing.

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Action Force Hunting and fishing.

Postby Thrasher » 10 Nov 2017 18:20

Greetings all,
So after an extended hiatus from the world of toys, I am back in the hobby and have my sights set on a few items produced on your side of the pond. At the moment, I am in the "Hunting and Fishing" stage, meaning I'm hunting certain pieces and fishing for prices prior to actually making purchases. Below is a list of items that I am interested in, and the condition in which I hope to have them in. I will update the list as I progress.


Quarrel - Incomplete preferred, head condition is unimportant and actually not needed.
Blades - SAS logo not important, no accessories wanted.
Hunter - Rifle would be nice, but not required.
Red Laser - Gun not nessary


ATC - the strectcher, missiles and antennea are optional.
Wolverine V1 - Missing missiles are fine, tow rope not required. Figure optional.
MMS - Stand is optional
Silet Attack V1 - Flag optional. No figure needed

Bit and Pieces

Red Shadows black bazooka
Blue accessory pack helmet
Grey Helmet (Moondancer v2 or Dolphin V2) visor not needed.
Red Jet pack - I need 5 of these. Sorry, I couldn't find which figure this came with.

Figure Parts

Blades - Chest and waist (5 needed)
Hunter - Head, torso & waist ( multiples are needed of each) whole figures with broken thumbs, arms and knees would be considered if the price is right.
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Re: Action Force Hunting and fishing.

Postby momaw nadon » 12 Nov 2017 20:35

pm sent

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