Battle Storm Force January 1988

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Re: Battle Storm Force January 1988

Postby Fozzie » 28 Jun 2020 21:19

This is more than acceptable, and I had the same problem with the large pages; you've joined them up rather better than I ddi.

I am hugely grateful, this brings me within one story of the complete Storm Force (and the last one is coming from EBay in the next few days). It's quite irrational, but I've always loved Storm Force, so the complete saga is another ambition fulfilled (I have low ambitions; much easier to achieve).

Many many thanks for your efforts; anything that might be offered back (not that I can think of anything) is offered.
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Re: Battle Storm Force January 1988

Postby OllyOrc » 28 Jun 2020 22:23

Thanks and glad you like them. Mission accomplished for you.


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