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who dares grins
who dares grins
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Re: Bagging comics

Postby Double-Tap » 07 Apr 2009 17:40

i find sellotape also wrecks the bags.
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Re: Bagging comics

Postby SteveD » 07 Apr 2009 17:44

Good point Bill! I think we should change the title of the thread to "Sellotape Sucks"?
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Re: Bagging comics

Postby S.A.S.Sparrowhawk » 07 Apr 2009 22:54

DOOOOOOOOOH - wish i'd known about those bags,spent a fortune on A3 size ring binder sleaves and still got plenty to cover!

DOOOOOOOOOH - Sellobloodytape,just checked the sleaves are ok but nearly had sticky moment removing a comic from a sleave.Did'nt do any damage though,must be because its the cheapo clear tape from Wilkinsons.

Thanks again for those tips.
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The Baron
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World Enemy No. 1
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Re: Bagging comics

Postby The Baron » 07 Apr 2009 23:07

A3 ring binders? I had no idea they existed!

I just converted over 100 ring binders, all containing 25 US-format comics in sellotaped pockets, to 8 Collectorline trough boxes for this exact reason. Yes, it took hours, but not as many hours as it took me to put 4 ring binder reinforcement hoops onto every pocket...

I still have about 25 unwanted A4 ring binders if anyone fancies collecting them from Nottingham.

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