GI Joe - Renegades [SPOILERS]

Sunbow, DIC, Sigma6, Renegades, Resolute and let's not forget Action Force!
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Knowing isss half the battle
Knowing isss half the battle
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Re: GI Joe - Renegades [SPOILERS]

Postby DAMartin » 14 Mar 2011 16:42

Waitaminute... Tomax and Xamot lead the cult, and their guards dress in red... Then they're the :cg: of this series?
The costume pattern is ok with the G1 versions, but it's kinda strange to see Tomax as the one with the scar.
OMG Stepford smiles!
If :duke: , :scarlett: and :roadblock: were made into :cg:s, why wasn't Mindbender made into one, too?
I missed the typical Joe cameo, unless the sister was Bombstrike or some other female Joe.
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