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Last of the Razor Troopers?

Posted: 09 Feb 2015 19:32
by DAMartin
Recently re-watching Valor vs Venom, I noticed a part near the end that confused me: When Venomous Maximus turns back into :hawk: the excedent chemical falls over the last remaining Razor Trooper. Now my question is: Anyone knows if the idea was that it was excedent antidote and it cured him, or it was the Venomization "leaving" :hawk: and when it fell on him left him as the only permanent V-Troop? In the last case, I'd guess he would be Razorclaw himself.

Each answer has something to support it: If the trooper is cured, it wraps the movie up; if his venomization is somewhat reinforced, that would explain why did he remain throughout the film despite most other Razor Troopers and Sand Scorpios being cured.