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Posted: 01 Jan 1970 01:00
by steve
Id be up for one! :lol:

Anyone else? :?:

Posted: 01 Jan 1970 01:00
by steve
A lot would depend on what people want out of it, one thing Im sure most of us need is some kind of spare parts swap meet.

A list of toy fairs etc is a good idea, and Is something Ill gladly add to the site if anyone wants to send any details on to me.

Posted: 10 Jul 2003 17:34
by The Baron
No! I think we should all meet up and bring our toys! Imagine the diorama we could create! Armies!!! Obviously we'd have to find a way of labelling all the toys to avoid squabbles, ("That's my minesweeper accessory!") maybe those stickers you get on the lenses of sunglasses or the like... there's not enough room in my flat, I'm afraid, but how cool would that be?


Posted: 12 Jul 2003 19:58
by steve
It would be good to do sometime, I'm still up for this, just need to work out a convenient way of doing it.

How about we all descend on the November Memorabilia show, July is probably to close to sort it all out for.

Anyway show dates:
Memorabilia, The NEC, Birmingham
26th & 27th July 2003

Memorabilia, The SECC, Glasgow
23rd & 24th August 2003

Memorabilia & Sporting Memorabilia, The NEC, Birmingham
29th & 30th November 2003


Posted: 04 Aug 2003 12:08
by plastik
I had just started a new topic on this before I found this one. There are two specialist Cation Man fairs, the Chesthunt, just off north of the M25 I think has four a year, they have plenty of space as it seems the arse has dropped out of Action Man collecting, (I collect that as well).

I go over this in the other topic 'action force day' in the discussion area.

If geographically possible I would be definatly be up for this, I probably would only want to bring stuff to swap only as I would be more interesting in buying, but this would be a great chance to discuss with other collectors as it does have little documation of resource.

Maybe we could invite sellers and buyers from ebay as well, sweetheart's toybox always seem to have a good supply of items and they are very friendly too, especially when I accidently bid ?4000 instead of ?40.00 for a cardboard HQ, not suprisingy I was the winning bidder and bought the fantastic item anyway (although considerably cheaper than ?4000!)


Posted: 04 Aug 2003 18:04
by steve
The next Cheshunt Date is 7 September, but that is the general SF collecting one, but I got lucky there a few months back and picked up some MOC Action Force for a good price. :P The last one did have the Gi Joe vs Cobra stuff available, but that isn't my scene.

The next Action Man one is 26 October, the last one (July) was a let down, but back at the March one I got some very good deals :wink:

I go to both of these shows now whenever they are on, so if anyone else is going along let me know and we can arrange to get together.

Website for the Cheshunt show is: