Roll Out Roll Call at Heathrow

The annual Action Force, GI Joe & Transformers convention!
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Re: Roll Out Roll Call at Heathrow

Postby Stormer » 20 Jun 2016 21:42

Barring an email telling me it was done in error, I've apparently been granted leave at last and should be at the show Fri-Sun! Which is fortunate because the hotel has been booked for months...

I'll be there with my better half, Paula, along with one of her co-hosts from the Back To The Eighties podcast, Becca (popping her RORC cherry). There's no planned official BTTE presentation or anything this time but another of the hosts, Sam, may also be there and there'll be some kind of recording going on in some form or another.

Better get my ticket sorted out with Dave now...!


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