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Re: BFTB Exclusive - Bob Brechin Q&A Results

Posted: 19 Dec 2012 01:42
by Dark Horse
Red Baron wrote:
Dark Horse wrote:Unmasked Bobwolf custom incoming! Does anyone have any pics of Bob?
Here's a picture of Bob & me taken last week when he visited Snibston Discovery Museum for a look at my little custom display.

Cool stuff, thanks mate :)

Re: BFTB Exclusive - Bob Brechin Q&A Results

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 14:34
by Squad Leader
ooh, Space Force Troop Transporter that sounds interesting!

Great work Jim on getting this interview.
Hey Jim, i wonder if there would be any chance of getting some pics of what Bob has left for the forum to see? that would be awesome!

If your reading this Bob, thanks for giving this interview to Jim! :bow:


Re: BFTB Exclusive - Bob Brechin Q&A Results

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 21:42
by Quickfire
Unglaublich. :thumbsup: Awesome. :bow: Amazing. :thumbsup: Splendid. :bow:

Thanks to Bob for patiently answering everything and Eisenblut for arranging it all esp. typing it all up.

Read the thread while jet-lagged the other day and after a while the font colours kind of freaked me at the time, but now I'm feeling better and ready to be released back into society, and, wow, what a lot of stuff was revealed.

:space: transporter WIN
:enemy: base WIN
:enemy: single-seater aircraft/vehicle WIN etc.
:enemy: :muton: m-m-m-m-Mk.2 WIN.

Interesting on the prototypes too, not just the first-shot figures, but also on the :qforce: "vehicle", and Bob's revelation of the development items he's kept.

Very interesting to see how Marketing did so much of the liaison with BAF, thought there might have been a closer link to Bob. Also that there wasn't a reference source such as Osprey used for development of the figures.

As he produced the special blueprint for the Roboskull I should have rephrased that damn hastily written question about bios and 'schematics' in general. Maybe he did other blueprints but not the bios if you see what I mean.

And it was very nice to read about :skeletron: and :kraken: and the much overlooked but excellent :space: Triad Fighter. Also about :fforce: and :boffin: and their place in the various firmaments.

Oh, and the gothic cathedral inspiration for the :enemy: Roboskull made my decade :mrgreen:

Should have asked about those Wave 4 :zforce: sketches. Maybe one for next time.



Re: BFTB Exclusive - Bob Brechin Q&A Results

Posted: 09 Jan 2013 21:29
by ZForce Loon
redrage wrote:I got his signature.

Next up a picture of him I guess. Seems to be the BFTB thing to do now


Yeah he signed my sweeper lol

Re: BFTB Exclusive - Bob Brechin Q&A Results

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 20:14
by Hopper
Absolutely stunning interview.
I dunno, I go away from the forum for a while, and behold - scoop of the decade!
So much to say re: Bob's revelations!
In particular the Skeletron being a Kraken skeleton. Not sure if I believe Bob's answer... perhaps a Red Shadow sleeper agent spreading rumours and disinformation.

Re: BFTB Exclusive - Bob Brechin Q&A Results

Posted: 06 May 2016 22:12
by Quickfire
Dark Horse wrote:Someone needs to tell the V+A that the Q force sub is just a custom.



Re: BFTB Exclusive - Bob Brechin Q&A Results

Posted: 27 Sep 2017 21:20
by clivvers
That was a thoroughly enjoying read. The sealion vehicle is really nice, I dream of seeing a similar one for 12" Action Man (MAM).