lost teams

For our 6th anniversary we unveiled the lost Action Force team - Special Weapons Force!
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Friendly Dragonfly Inbound
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Re: lost teams

Postby Sundance » 12 Mar 2009 08:10

ooo, the possibilities of an all-bird codenamed squad...

Blue Tit (obviously a woman)
Great Tit (likewise)
House Martin
Swallow (another woman, does she?)
Robin (and DC sues your ass)
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Re: lost teams

Postby Red Laser » 20 Mar 2010 00:36

Andy1672 wrote:
Double-tap wrote:Been giving this some thought lately and i think each Force would have a B Force.
pilots, mechanics, average soldiers, technicians.
the people responsible for keeping the main AF teams running.
let me know what you think.
So B force isnt strictly air force ?

You should really think about de-classifying and spilling the beans !

Do you have any concepts ( sketches etc ) or is everything in your head for safe keeping ?

As for mechanics and technicians, this is bordering on F force ? Fixer, Boffin etc ?
That's how I see F Force as the :AFLogo: techs,engineers etc when I depicted them in my story kind of like Q branch in James Bond.
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