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by paul463
22 May 2008 10:31
Forum: Identifications
Topic: Which gun?
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Re: Which gun?

It was also the first weapon used by Delta Force. Their founder (Charlie Beckwith) did a deal and got a job lot of them.
by paul463
21 May 2008 12:34
Forum: Chat
Topic: New Trick from the Royal Mail
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New Trick from the Royal Mail

Time to vent a bit!! The local parcel boys have decided that instead of actually arriving at my front door to deliver my stuff they will just give the normal postman a card to say "you weren't in come and collect it from us!!" Poor old postie got both barrels from me (I'm a typical red headed bad te...
by paul463
20 May 2008 20:55
Forum: Muton World Tour
Topic: Mutour II - Preliminary hearing
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Re: Mutour II - Preliminary hearing

If he wants to come and visit the Blood Transfusion Lab here in Dundee, then I'm in! Blood for the Baron and all that!


Paul463 :doc:
by paul463
19 May 2008 10:40
Forum: Chat
Topic: Met A real Top Gun this weekend
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Re: Met A real Top Gun this weekend


it is Lt Cdr Jerry Beulier (think thats how its spelt!). He is a real gentleman, really laid back a not in your face like some air crew!

by paul463
18 May 2008 20:52
Forum: Chat
Topic: Met A real Top Gun this weekend
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Met A real Top Gun this weekend

A bit off topic this! I met a graduate from the first ever Top Gun course from back in the 60's yesterday. Really nice bloke. He was also the first one from his class to shoot down a Mig in Vietnam after graduating (with two sidewinder hits!). He had some other really cool stories about being a test...
by paul463
11 May 2008 20:44
Forum: Collections
Topic: Shad Escape armour
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Shad Escape armour

Hi Guys,

just thought I'd share my excitement! I won a MIB :enemy: escape armour today on ebay and I didn't have to sell my mother to get it either! The box is open but all the contents are still sealed in the bag! Its made my weekend (well almost!)!

Cheers for now!! :attack:
by paul463
04 May 2008 21:40
Forum: Tips
Topic: Stickers for Customs
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Re: Stickers for Customs

Got the :zforce: Rapid fire motor bike stickers will pop them up here as soon as can :attack:


by paul463
04 May 2008 17:21
Forum: Spares
Topic: z force base
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Re: z force base

If the guy who paid a small fortune for the Z Force ATC's is about I don't think you'll have very much to worry about!!

I almost had an ATC last night was away from home using my mobile to bid.. it just didn't work fast enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by paul463
26 Apr 2008 11:19
Forum: Collections
Topic: MY 'moc' collection:
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Re: Bought some lovely display cases

Hi Paul,

they really do display them well! Can I ask where you got them please?


Paul :attack:

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