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by The One and Only
24 Jul 2007 04:53
Forum: Devil's Due
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Other than things Joe related. One thing that I really liked about the DDP message board was one could also get in touch with Tim Seeley about his noteworthy book, HACK/slash . As some of you may know, HACK/slash is the story of slasher hunters, Cassie Hack, and her companion the monstrous Vlad(thin...
by The One and Only
17 Jul 2007 05:48
Forum: Action Force [Hasbro]
Topic: Cobra Emperor?!?
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On the subject of the Cobra Empreor. Does anyone think the bloke is still alive after the events of Dawn of the Red Shadows ? While we did see Mars Harring take an axe to the tank holding Serpentor, we never did see him actually being finished off with said axe. Also when the news of the Jugglars de...
by The One and Only
17 Jul 2007 05:34
Forum: Devil's Due
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^Or the next best thing, either a miniseries or a Special Missions book featuring Colton in action again fighting the Shadows. Heck, I'm surprised no one at Devil's Due has thought of doing a Declassified book on the first G.I. Joe. Good place to see the original team, and even a place to introduce ...