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by DAMartin
17 Dec 2014 14:53
Forum: Joecon
Topic: Joecon 2015 set revealed
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Re: Joecon 2015 set revealed

Wasn't the Dreadnok Rampage set a Tiger Force one already?
by DAMartin
27 Jun 2014 16:29
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Holiday Major Bludd and Shadow Destro - palitoy variants
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Re: Holiday Major Bludd and Shadow Destro - palitoy variants

No one has tried to turn these miscardings into background? :bludd: may have had :qforce: training way before becoming a criminal and losing his eye, while :destro: may have been a :enemy: grunt during the time of Destro XXIII, to get a better business relationship between his father and :baron:, an...
by DAMartin
27 Jun 2014 16:25
Forum: GI Joe - Collector's Club
Topic: FSS 3.0 - Big Ben
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Re: FSS 3.0 - Big Ben

Makes sense for Big Ben to become part of :af: , since he's British.
by DAMartin
16 Apr 2014 14:10
Forum: Action Man [Hasbro]
Topic: my first Action Man
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Re: my first Action Man

There's also a middle point: Remain happy with just these two, but don't leave with empty hands if you find the Palitoy version or the other characters like Knuck, Natalie, Redwolf, Flynt, Prof Gangrene, Tempest, No Face and the X Robots.
by DAMartin
07 Mar 2014 12:30
Forum: Action Man [Hasbro]
Topic: I made some wallpapers
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Re: I made some wallpapers

I just saved the 3rd one.
by DAMartin
27 Feb 2014 00:01
Forum: Colouring Project
Topic: BFTB Colouring Project - Manhattan Transfer
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Re: BFTB Colouring Project - Manhattan Transfer

I see :storm: has his costume painted as Ninja-Ku's one in the first page of parts 1 and 2. Was it a repurposing idea (like :scarlett: to :quarrel: and :afstalker: to :jammer: in other stories) that was scrapped?
by DAMartin
24 Feb 2014 13:22
Forum: BFTB - 11th Anniversary
Topic: Happy BloodDay!
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Re: Happy Bloodday!

:birthday: for the whole forum!
by DAMartin
05 Feb 2014 15:25
Forum: GI Joe - Retaliation
Topic: GI Joe 3 - wish list
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Re: GI Joe 3 - wish list

Well, if we think somebody unlikely, I'd say Slice.
by DAMartin
02 Feb 2014 20:00
Forum: Action Man [Hasbro]
Topic: My new custom Natalie
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Re: My new custom Natalie

That was a stroke of luck! She looks the part and fits the team.