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by Flint
17 Feb 2007 01:16
Forum: Devil's Due
Topic: More Red Shadows!!
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Added my 2-cents over there (I'm ranger_jer at YoJoe).
by Flint
16 Feb 2007 02:37
Forum: Devil's Due
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I have them. Bought them when they came out. I was dissapointed as there was a big lead up and in the end it was kinda rushed together and anti-climactic. I am hoping Devils Due does revisit the Red Shadows, and that the Black Major is involved.
by Flint
10 Feb 2007 17:35
Forum: Colouring Project
Topic: How should the colored stories be released
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I was gonna vote give them to the Baron since it is his kick ace sight that has the stories on to start with, but since he votes page by page who is this humble Shadow to argue?
by Flint
23 Jun 2006 14:17
Forum: Battle - Action Force
Topic: black major
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Well if these guys are still at large, that definately would be cool to see them come back as a third party. I almost wonder if DD had intended that but couldn't use the names so did what they did with Wilder Vaughn instead? I'm sure that had more story to tell with the Red Shadows (even if it was t...
by Flint
22 Jun 2006 02:26
Forum: Battle - Action Force
Topic: Last appearance ?
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Last appearance ?

As I slowly manage to wrok my way through these great comics (BAF), I can't help but wonder what issue or story is the last appearance of the Red Shadow troops and/or the Black Major ?? :enemy:
by Flint
20 Jun 2006 17:06
Forum: Muton World Tour
Topic: Official Muton World Tour
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If you guys start up another tour, count me in !! I'll show muton how we do things in the hills of Pennsylvania !
by Flint
20 Jun 2006 17:00
Forum: Devil's Due
Topic: WHo here reads/ doesnt read the GI JOE COMIC
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I read the comics, but I live in the States so its relatively easy for me to get them, I collected the original Marvel Run though I don't have probably the last 20 issues of it. I really like the Special Missions stories, most of them are stand alones and can be picked up relatively cheap. I am work...