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by Shaunyboy
19 May 2018 22:22
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Good evening all
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Re: Good evening all

Hey there :)

Want to share some collection pics? We love some AF goodness around here! :)
by Shaunyboy
01 Aug 2017 21:08
Forum: GI Joe - The Action Force
Topic: HMS FLAGG Official Launch
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Re: HMS FLAGG Official Launch

Holy mother of pearl!!! That is absolutely excellent!!! The lights...! The med bay...! Nuclear power...! I'm lost for words. Superb work. Well done that man!!!
by Shaunyboy
01 Aug 2017 20:02
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Finding Joes in the wild
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Re: Finding Joes in the wild

Ditto Hedrock :) Haven't had a real blood pumping moment like that in a while. Especially the bit where, with figure find in hand, you ask how much...and it's a bargain! I had a fantastic run of luck across car boot sales a few years ago. Star Wars, Action Force, M.A.S.K, Thundercats etc. The stuff ...
by Shaunyboy
01 Aug 2017 19:51
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Bombadier
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Re: Bombadier

IMG_0801 (2).JPG
Another awesome character joins the elite club of exclusive figures!!!

Lovely stuff!! Well done to everyone involved in the creation of these fellas!! I love 'em :)
by Shaunyboy
13 Jul 2017 16:33
Forum: Identifications
Topic: The back seat ?
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Re: The back seat ?

I always used to use Airborne. Did I get that from the cover picture on the box? I had the GI Joe later version and I'm pretty sure Airborne is in the back seat. I love that figure regardless! Great colour scheme, accessories and head sculpt :)
by Shaunyboy
19 Feb 2017 01:29
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Greetings all!
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Re: Greetings all!

Welcome aboard! Good to have you here european cousin :)
by Shaunyboy
01 Jan 2017 02:08
Forum: Chat
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And a Happy New Year to you too Sir! Keep up the good work!!

And to all of you I wish an exciting and fantastic 2017! May you live in interesting times :)
by Shaunyboy
07 Apr 2016 23:40
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello from not so sunny Stockport
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Re: Hello from not so sunny Stockport

Yes indeed. Well said Wiggy. You seem like just the kind of high spirited youngster we want on this forum! :) Welcome aboard and if you don't want to go large on the collecting front then that's cool. I say get a few well chosen special memory figures or vehicles and enjoy the nostalgia dear boy!! :)
by Shaunyboy
23 Mar 2016 22:49
Forum: Ebay
Topic: Nice bargain
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Re: Nice bargain

Excellent concept :) I think I know who'd win though ;)
by Shaunyboy
13 Mar 2016 14:45
Forum: Artwork
Topic: View from a Roboskull
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Re: View from a Roboskull

Great stuff!

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