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01 Aug 2008 12:52
Forum: IDW
Topic: Vote for the Red Shadows to appear in the IDW comics
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Re: Vote for the Red Shadows to appear in the IDW comics

Cobra has to be the first villian due to the state of play with the GI Joe comic at the moment. It would be nice to see IDW do an Action Force story when they have establishished the comic with the readers.
17 Mar 2008 00:12
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: why was there no action force cartoon?
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Re: why was there no action force cartoon?

The main reason being the cartoons were not made in the UK and the Joe/AF/ATT brand to wider scope.

09 Mar 2008 22:50
Forum: GI Joe - Animated
Topic: GI Joe cartoon on sky
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GI Joe cartoon on sky

The GI Joe cartoon is on Anime central 2100 hours GMT.

27 Dec 2007 00:56
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Where are they Now (The characters of AF)
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After reading AE:30 one or two of our predictions could be wrong.
27 Nov 2007 19:54
Forum: Roll Out Roll Call
Topic: Action Force Convention
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Have you tried advertising in comic shops, collectors sites and shops. I am sure that most of us know people and places. Plus the sort of people who would be interested frequent comics/memrobilia shops.
12 Sep 2007 13:50
Forum: Devil's Due
Topic: Places to buy Joe Comics in UK
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Try E-Bay it a great resource.
10 Aug 2007 16:31
Forum: Battle - Action Force
Topic: On Continuity (Backstory--Possible Spoilers)
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Heres one for you what about Snake-Eyes he was just another (meaner) grunt in BAF and in GI Joe he is a bad ass ninja/commando. Both could have had a checkered/tragic past the Joe one would have had scarlett to keep him going, the other could a loner whose home is the armed forces.
20 Jun 2007 17:38
Forum: Devil's Due
Topic: Is Wilder Vaughn the Black Major? <SPOILERS>
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This could bridge the gap between Action Force and GI Joe. It would also bring up the questions about what happened to the rest of Action Force and who was the other Cobra Commander?