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by the doomworm
30 Jun 2007 21:58
Forum: Devil's Due
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What? That's really bizarre. I've been out in a rural area for a month (and another two months at least) so I haven't been onto DDP at all. What is the problem with their site? Is the company experiencing difficulties, because the first chapter of Sins of the Mother was one of my favorite stories in...
by the doomworm
10 Feb 2005 13:15
Forum: Battle - Action Force
Topic: Black Major
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well, that gives him something in common with the Baroness then. Originally her name was Anastasia and in one issue Major Bludd seems to make up the last name "DeCobray." Then by the time the comic ended, that was revealed as being her real name. Anastasia DeCobray. It sort of doesn't make sense wh...
by the doomworm
10 Feb 2005 11:59
Forum: Battle - Action Force
Topic: Enough Interest to Reprint the old B.A.F. stories?
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This is all relatively unknown material to me. I own four European Missions stories from my youth, but it's only in the last month I have understood why the characters seemed to be different in some way than I remember. Would it be a fair assessment that whatever the fictional military which was kno...
by the doomworm
10 Feb 2005 11:53
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: Speculation: Dr. Mindbender
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I see Mindbender eventually working for the US, and the Joes. Nobody would like it, but it would be more likely that if captured, he would be hired by the government, ala "operation paperclip". What do you think? He's definately still an untapped resource for stories, and really a blank slate for hi...