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by Hilds
12 Jul 2004 18:15
Forum: Marvel
Topic: Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes
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Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes

What happened in their story (UK)? I collected all the Action Force comics (1-50 in the UK) and a lot of the Transformers and Action Force (again UK) comics. The last I heard was in 1988 or 1989, Storm Shadow had kidnapped Cobra Commanders son and trained him and had just found out that Zartan (if m...
by Hilds
20 Jun 2004 21:01
Forum: Marvel UK
Topic: UK Action Force comic Mar '87-Feb '88.
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UK Action Force comic Mar '87-Feb '88.

Anyone else collect these? (silly question?) I got nearly the whole set, missed about 3 issues. After the year long run finished they went onto Transformers & Action Force, issues 153 onwards. I was wondering if you have anyplans to get these comics on line (like Baron has got the Battle Action Forc...
by Hilds
20 Jun 2004 20:44
Forum: Marvel UK
Topic: Transformers and Action Force
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They ran from issue 153 until at least issue 204 (when I stopped collecting).